Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekend 032

Friday: Today was a bit of a last minute day off-I was really struggling during the week and just needed some time off work and luckily the boss was fine with it! So today, me and the bf headed on out for the day and ended up in the Trafford Centre doing a spot of shopping! I love the Trafford Centre-pretty much all the shops you want all in one place - I didn't really get much other than boring toiletries for my upcoming trip (only 13 days to go people) and a beautiful chunky knit cardy from Zara (I think I'll do a post and show you this)!
I spent the evening over at the girls wedding planning - couldn't think of a better way to end a Friday!

Saturday: Today was a very special day - I got to meet a very special little boy for the very first time! My bestie had her first baby on Thursday 4th August and me and the bf got up bright and early and headed on down south to meet little Otto! I couldn't get over how small he is - I knew he'd be small, but he was much smaller than I thought (you can see I'm not a baby person hehe)!

How adorable!!!

Sunday: I've spent today feeling pretty rubbish - I woke up with a rubbish headache and having a definite fat day! So what better way to cure than than a visit to McDonalds (I know it won't help but I don't do it all the time)! My Sunday has pretty much looked like this:

Bruno Mars's 'The Lazy Song' pretty much sums it all up (except for the walking around in my birthday suit and letting it all hang loose lol)!

Hope you've all had a fantastic week - only one more weekend to get through and then I fly away - I am beyond excited now! 


  1. I love the Trafford Centre for shopping too. Otto is so, so cute :).

    Sadie x

  2. Ah sounds like a perfect weekend, apart from feeling ill today...I hope you feel better soon!
    Otto is absolutely gorgeous!  I'm jealous you got to have a snuggle!! xx

  3. Sometimes a McDonalds is needed, its like medicine at times haha xx

  4. It's fab isn't it-although it was a bit busy on Friday, much prefer it when it's quiet! X

  5. Me too-sick of having these rubbish headaches! I know he's just adorable! I'm just gutted that we live so far away and visiting won't be as much as I'd like! X


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