Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekend 033

This weekend has been pretty pants to be honest - I had to work on Saturday so that pretty much ruled out any chance of enjoying it!

Friday: Me and the bf had such a scrumptious dinner tonight - as you may or may not know, I am currently on the slimming world diet and so far so good. I've been going for the last 11 weeks, mainly as support for my Mum as she wanted to join, but I'm in need of shifting a few pounds myself. Anyway, in the last 11 weeks I have managed to loose 1/2 stone, but I put on 1lb in last week's weigh in so I was determined to stick to the plan this week and get rid of that pound and whatever else before I head off on my jollies! So we've been so good all week that we decided to treat ourselves and have steak and chips for din dins tonight - yummy!

See I told you my weekend was pretty rubbish, steak and chips has been the highlight so far!?

Saturday: The dreaded work - 6 whole hours of nothingness! Ah well, the evening was much better as the X factor was back on our screens again! I absolutely loved the new judging line-up-so far, so good! And since when did Garry Barlow become such a hottie???? After one episode, I can honestly say Janet Devlin was right up my street - I've been listening to her youtube video's for the rest of the evening!

Sunday: Now today is really the first day of my weekend and it was spent with my little brother shopping! I needed a few last minute things for my hols (I don't know how many times I've popped out for some last minute things for this trip)!

Monday: I am going to include today in my weekend as I have today off work as I worked Saturday. This morning I headed off to my weekly weigh-in and I was bloody chuffed to find that I had lost 2 1/2lbs this week-set me up for the day for sure! I then spent the day having a full head of foils done - how blooming boring! However it was much needed, the colour at the bottom (underneath) was definitely a different colour to the top and it did look a little ridiculous!

I didn't have any photo's from this weekend so thought I'd include one of Minx having a lazy weekend too-such a hard life!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This will be my last weekend post for a few weeks as I'm off on my hols this Saturday, so my next weekend post will just include me flying - 26 whole hours of flying...alone (I'm a little scared if I'm completely honest)!

Hope you all have a lovely few weekends to come and I shall be back to normality once I'm back and jet-lag has left me!


  1. Congrats on all the weight you've been losing! And have an amazing holiday- will miss your posts!! xx

  2. Thank you Daisy - I'm really happy with the weightloss-it's coming off nice and steady! And thanks for the holiday wishes-I'm so excited! I keep re-packing my suitcase just to be sure hehe! Speak soon xxx


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