Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What's in your carry on?

So in a 4 days time, I will be jetting of on my jollies and I can't bloomin wait-eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I have already packed my hand-luggage (well what I can anyway) and pretty much packed my main suitcase, but I thought I'd share with you what's packed in my carry on (and hopefully you can let me know if I've missed anything that I REALLY need to have with me on a long-haul flight)!

Purchased from the Topshop sale!

Apologies for the flashback from my bookmark-it's a gold diamond with my name engraved in to it! 

© Books: Lindsey Kelk 'The Single Girls to do list'/Lauren Conrad 'Sweet Little Lies' & Nora Roberts 'Vision in White'
I've chosen to take 3 in my carry on - mainly because I've already started the Single Girls to do list & loved it that I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish this quite quickly so decided to have a couple of back ups. I'm hoping that the films on the plane will be pretty good choices and I can spend quite a bit of the flight watching them, but if all else fails, I have these!

© Cosmetics (inside the floral make-up bag from IKEA)/Toilettries - obviously all the liquids will be transferred to a plastic bag once at the airport!

©  Mini deoderant © toothbrush © toothpaste © cleansing wipes © moisturiser © anti-bacterial handwash © mac's face & body ©mac concealer ©Moisturiser © Body Spray © My pill © Bronzer for a little pick me up! 

© Hoody - it always gets chilly on flights (it's the bf's hoody, a bit sad, but I'm going alone so have nabbed this for the holiday)
I also have the standard spare underwear in case the airways lose my luagge and a spare top to change in to - I will be on the flight for 26hrs after all - but I didn't think you needed to see my smalls ;)

Things I still need to get:
© A squishy pillow - fingers crossed for comfy sleeping (or as comfy as it can be on a flight)
© Lollipops for take off and landing (the worst part of flights for me)
© Travel sickness tabs - I'm a baby when it comes to travelling and thought of flying makes me a little queasy!

I'll see what the world of WH Smiths has to offer too at the aiport and pick up some trashy magazines - obligatory I believe!

Is there anything I have forgotten about?


  1. I take my ipod and my own headphones for the in flight films (better than the plane ones!) Also some headache tablets. A pen to fill in the visas (bit geeky!) That's all I can think of! Have a wonderful holiday! x

  2. A Scarf to wrap round or use as a blanket? An ipod / phone /camera etc. if your case is lost. Perhaps a larger snack (plane food is never nice!). When you are through to departures purchase a LARGE bottle of water because you ALWAYS get dehydrated! 

  3. The bride quartet set of books by Nora Roberts is amazing! Read all four and each just as good. Hope you have fun x

  4. Oh I didn't know it was quartet-thanks, I shall be on the lookout for these :) XX

  5. Thanks hun-I have now packed my own headphones, hadn't thought of that! xx 

  6. Thanks hun-I shall definitely be getting myself some food when I'm at the airpoprt-got a while to be on the plane :) XX


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