Thursday, 22 September 2011

An accident waiting to happen!

Well hello there to all you lovely new readers (I am actually waving at my computer- lets just be grateful that a) no-one else is in the house and b) you can't see me otherwise I'd just look a bit weird)!

Anyway, my reader count has shot up a little bit recently and I was just sitting here (working from home) and thought I'd just say hello and give you a little insight in to my life as it stands right now, which, if I'm honest, is a little boring so I apologise in advance!

If you've read through some of my previous posts, you would have seen that I recently came back from my holiday to Oz, which was utterly fantastic, and I think the photo's show that! Well whilst there, I was a little bit silly and managed to hurt myself. I'm a little bit (a lot really) accident prone and if something is going to happen, it will happen to me and this was no exception.

Whilst taking some lovely photo's of the Blue Mountains (which were amazing as mountains go), we decided to try and get a jumping shot - so I got on a rock, which was only about a foot off the ground, jumped and landed with all my weight on just one heel! Now, you're probably thinking ouch and yes, it did hurt but as you do, off I hobbled on the Blue Mountain hike in the hope I had just hit a nerve and it would just get better - I wasn't missing out, it's not like I'm going back any time soon. It was pretty painful trying to do the hike but I did it and carried on for the last few days of my holiday hobbling around like an old person. Once home, I headed to A&E who told me to rest as much as I could, which I tried to do but that's pretty hard to actually do-life just doesn't allow rest! Well anyway, by the Tuesday, I was back in A&E unable to walk at all and they decided a cast was the only option for complete rest!

I've never had a cast before, and quite frankly, would never like one again-how uncomfortable! I had that on for 6 days and went back this Monday for it to be removed and see how my foot was - I, as you can imagine was hoping for it to be completely fine and I could WALK out of the hospital - no. such. luck. Another case was put on - for 4 weeks this time! I have tendonitis in my achilles - which probably wouldn't warrant a cast for a normal person, but because I'm so weak (and a wimp) they're worried my achilles will rupture if I try to walk on it - and if it's a choice between a cast for 4 weeks or surgery, I know which I'm opting for!

So, as you can imagine, my life is pretty dull at the moment - I can't go anywhere without having to ask someone for a lift; it hurts a lot and I am generally fed up! I have hardly any clothes that I can wear - I live in skinny jeans, which just don't go over a cast!

Have you ever had a cast? Any tips?

p.s. Apologies for the 'I feel sorry for myself post', I promise, they're not always like this and given a few more days to get used to this, I am sure I will be back to my usually self! 


  1. Poor you- I did something similar a few years ago - but in Spain!

    You might like to check out this company, who have two things to improve your life with a cast! One is something called the cast cooler, that will stop the itching; and the other is a cast cover - or should I say loads of cast covers.

  2. Thanks hun - I'm just hoping the next 4 weeks go very quickly! X


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