Saturday, 10 September 2011

Australia - Part 2

If you've not seen part 1 by now, they go check it out here! If you have, then you'll know by now that it's very picture heavy which is why I've split it in to two parts - so here's how the rest of the holiday went!

Day 5:

Now the holiday really began-my other friend had arrived and my friend that lives in Oz (who we were staying with) had time off work to come and be a tourist and be silly, like friends are when together :)

 There is one more in our group of friends but unfortunately she couldn't make it on the holiday so we decided to get her involved and named our new little friend Koala-Laura! 

After our power boating experience - 360 spins under the harbour bridge - pretty amazing! 

The makings of an AMAZING hot chocolate in the Lindt shop!

Day 6:

Today was spent taking a bus trip up to Bondi Beach followed by a champagne cocktail at the Sydney tower in the revolving bar/dining room - amazing views of the city! 

Day 7:

Today was a road-trip down to Jarvis Bay for our whale watching experience - unfortunately, no whales to be seen (a big fail whale) but we did see some seals and dolphins (no photo's though unfortunately, I was too occupied with watching them)!

Day 8:

Today we headed on out for our Blue Mountain tour, which actually turned out to be a little bit of a disaster for me! I am rather accident prone, if someone's going to hurt themselves, it'll be me and well, why disappoint! So, whilst trying to do the typical touristy photo, jumping off a rock with the blue mountains behind, I managed to hurt my heel, making the hike through the blue mountains pretty difficult, but very much worth it! (In case you're worried, I have bruised my achilles tendon-I've been told to rest as much as I can and if it's no better by next week, then I'm off to the hospital for a cast-ridiculous, only me)!

Part 3 - and the final part you'll be happy to hear still to come...


  1. Awwww I am so jealous, I would love to go to Australia, its just too long a flight for me, gorgeous photos :-) 

  2. Your holiday looks so amazing- you did so much! Looking forward to part 3 xx

  3. Wow the nature looks amazing! I've always wanted to go to Australia :) And the hot chocolate - PHWOARRR.

  4. Yeah, once out of the city it is pretty spectacular (although a lot of it did remind me of being home in North Wales-a bit more accessible :) And yes, the hot chocolate was just amazing - I would highly recommend giving one a try at home-just melted chocolate and a glass of steamed milk! X

  5. Thanks Daisy - I really felt like we did a lot, trying to chill now! Could really do with a holiday to relax lol! X

  6. Yeah, the flight was a killer-I don't think I'll be in a hurry to return if I'm honest, 26hrs was really difficult! But...definitely worth it for the experience! XX

  7. Fab pics lovely! Looks like you and the gang had an AMAZING time!!!! :) Lovin the first pic ;) xx

  8. HAHA thanks hun! We did have an amazing time-lots of fab memories made! XX


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