Sunday, 11 September 2011

Australia - Part 3

So part 3, and the final part!

Day 9:

So today was a day to spend just us girls together-some quality time! So, we got in the car and headed up the coast for a road trip full of beautiful scenery! The evening however was finished off with a spinning class - WHAT? I hear you all cry, but yes, my friend who lives there is a spin instructor and bribed us to take one of her classes by promising domino's - I'm not sure if it was a fair deal!

Day 10: 

Today was our final day of fun together - like yesterday, we just decided to take a drive out and have silly times together! Not sure when we will see our friend again, so we just made the most of being together!

 Koala-Laura ready for take-off!

I had an amazing holiday - it really was brilliant! Lots and lots of new memories made that will stay with me forever!

Hope you've all enjoyed seeing parts of my adventure - normal blogging will resume soon :)


  1. your photos are all great. looks like you had an amazing time! did you see any huge spiders? brrr. xx

  2. I did have an amazing time - thank you! Really happy with how the photo's have turned out :) Luckily, didn't see any spiders - saw a few cockroaches but luckily they were all outside! XX


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