Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's a wrap

As you will know from my previous post, I am currently in a cast (boohoo for me) and I've still got another 3 weeks left of wearing the damn thing so I thought I'd treat myself and get my nails done! 

I've mentioned before that I am very fortunate to have a friend who is now a trained hairdresser (free cut & colours for me-YEY) well her sister has trained as a beauty therapist (even better)! 

So, whilst speaking to her and asking if she'd do me a pedicure and paint my nails pretty for me, she suggested that it would be better to get them wrapped as it would last longer! In all honesty, I've heard of the concept (and received a set in one of my Glossy Boxes) but hadn't really ever looked in to it. But, as I trust her and was in the mood to treat myself I said go ahead! 

I do apologise for showing my feet and for their colour - I've mentioned before I suffer with reynaud's so if they look a little black, it's not because I'm dirty! 

I love them! As you can tell, I went for something very girly and pretty and, considering I've only had them on a day-I have had so many compliments on them! 

The application seemed very simple, but I was just watching and not actually applying so I'm not sure if I could do them myself! It took about 20mins in total to do the whole set (which included chatting/cuppa drinking in between too)! I paid £15 for them and in all honesty, I'm not sure how that compares to what you'd pay in a salon (sorry!).

The packet said they will last up to 14 days - the girl who did mine had had hers on for around 3-4 weeks and they looked liked she'd just put them on so I'm intrigued to see how long they will last! 

I am definitely going to be getting these done again! Not sure if I'd go for them on my finger nails - maybe plain ones (or non-metallic finish)! 

Have you every had nail wraps? How long did they last for you? 


  1. They look really good! Very pretty, I think they're lovely xx

  2. Thanks Sarah, I'm really happy with them-a little dubious at first if I'm honest, but they've come out well :) X

  3. These look so gorgeous! Its such a good idea, because i hate having to paint my toenails! :) xx


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