Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Riding Anyone?

I'm absolutely loving the trends that are out there at the moment- and in particular, riding boots!

When I saw these in the shop and asked the bf what he thought, he said it looked like I was getting ready to go riding!

I got these from Next and cost  me a bargain £35! They are priced at £45 online, but I had a £10 voucher as a new user! I love getting some kind of discount and I think £35 for a pair of boots is pretty good going!

Are you in to the riding boots trend? Next on my list is a quilted jacket - I'll be a right country bumpkin!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of the riding boot trend xx

  2. Oh really-I didn't think I was really but there are some really nice one's out there at the moment! X

  3. I like those, what a bargain! I much prefer dressing for autumn/winter than spring/summer! x

  4. I like these, they remind me a little bit of  Hunter Wellies which I love at the moment.   Good shout on the boots

  5. Thanks hun - I've had so many compliments on them (well one to be honest as I'm still in cast so only able to wear one on my left foot lol)! xx


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