Sunday, 9 October 2011

I'm currently loving...

I'm sure you've all seen 'favourites' video's on YT and posts on blogs with monthly favourites and I wanted to join in - but I can't guarantee that I will post monthly (I use a lot of the same products all the time, so not sure if I can guarantee there will be different products every month) so I've decided to post about what I'm currently loving!

So on to the products...

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturuser

As the weather hasn't got a clue what it wants to do at the moment neither does my skin (thanks Mr Weatherman) but this moisturiser has really saved me! My skin type is pretty normal but during the winter, I do suffer quite a bit with dry patches but I've had this moisturiser on my bedside table and have been slathering it on every night and so far, my skin is doing pretty well - thank you Liz Earle!

VO5 Miracle Concentrate

I think this has become a cult product in the beauty world and quite rightly so - it's bloomin amazing! I can't believe how much of this I still have left, I feel like I've had it for so long! When I was on holiday in Oz, I took the opportunity to stop using any heat on my hair and I've continued with this since coming home and I can really tell when I haven't used this is my hair - it really helps keep my hair looking smooth and soft rather than frazzled and fluffy!

17 Beehive Lipstick

I have mentioned before my love for Beehive and this month I have been using it none stop. I love how creamy it is-definitely need to stock up!

Ruby & Millie Eyelash curlers

I have extremely straight eyelashes and absolutely hate metal eyelash curlers with a passion - I just can't use them! I find them painful! But I found these in the bottom of my make-up drawer and thought I'd give them a go and now I'm wondering why I stopped using them in the first place! I bought these years ago with one of the £5 vouchers Boot's do all the time so I'm not sure if they still do them, but if they do-I'd definitely recommend giving them a go if, like me, you don't like metal curlers!

What are you loving at the moment?


  1. Totally agree with the Superskin moisturiser and the Beehive lipstick- two of my favourite ever products x


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