Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A tribute... Westlife!

Now I am positive that many of you right now don't care in the slightest that Westlife have announced today that they are splitting up, but for me, this is definitely and end of an era!

After 14 years, the 4 boys (now men) have decided to part ways after their farewell tour next year.

The boyfriend told me tonight when he got in, but being the meanie he is, I thought he was winding me up until I saw the news and if I'm completely honest, I'm quite upset! I was 11 when Westlife started and I have grown up with them - been to every tour, won competitions to see them and bought every single, album they've ever released.

Anyway, I will stop babbling on about my this - mainly because it is upsetting me and leave you with a pic I took at this years concert!

A very sad


  1. I am a HUGE Westlife fan and was so sad when they announced that they would go their seperate ways after the tour in 2012 :( They have played a huge part in my teenage years and they will always be playing on my iPod no matter what! If that photo is yours then WOW you had amazing seats, I have been to see them around 5/6 times now and feel super lucky to have the tickets for the 2012 tour, are you going? xxx

  2. I am going - just got tickets today as they released another date for Manchester! Can't wait! So sad that it's going to be all over! And yes, that is my picture - best concert ever this year! X

  3. I am very upset about this too! I was literally the biggest fan when they first started out, not so much these days but I do still love their music. I have booked tickets to see them and am looking fwd to it but also have a sneaky feeling I may shed a tear...that might be sad but hey! xxx


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