Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend 041

Friday: So tonight was spent having a very lazy night in and an early night-there was a busy weekend ahead so I made the most of doing nothing tonight and just caught up on lots and lots of youtube video's! I'm so rock 'n' roll spending a Friday night in watching youtube!

Saturday: Early morning ready for the trip down south to see one of the besties! The plan was to have a duvet day and watch back to back episodes of Dawson's Creek - like the good old uni days, but once there, we decided that a shopping trip would be a much better idea! I picked up a few lovely bit's, which I will post about separately! Then, it was home and ready for an evening full of wine (too much in my case), take-away and Xfactor  - I think all in all, a pretty good Saturday night in!

Sunday: Suprisingly, I didn't feel too bad this morning - although I think I managed to sleep through my hangover as I woke in the night feeling pretty rough! Anyway, once suitable full with tea, off we headed in to Banbury for a spot of lunch with the other bestie and my new fave man, baby Otto! I love him so much-he's just so chilled out!

I had such a lovely weekend! I was supposed to be joining lots of you lovelies at 'The Only Way is Blogging' event, but as I was still in cast, I thought I'd better not be wandering around London. I was gutted to have not made it, but the weekend turned out to be pretty fab! I just wished I lived closer to my friends and saw them more often!

Hope everyone had a good weekend - what did you get up to?

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