Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails: Week 1

I thought I'd give you a little update on my gel nails - mainly because I am so chuffed with them!

As you can see, they are doing fantastic :)

There has been one small incident of chipping with them, but that was because me, being the idiot I am, put my finger in the way of my zip and actually zipped my nail, but the salon I went to happily helped me out with it!

So, after a week and 2 days, they're doing absolutely fantastic and as you can see, there is already new nail growth-and I can honestly say, I don't think my nails have ever grown so fast!

I have my next appointment on the 21st Nov so that will be a total of 25 days with them on, so I'm interested to see how they've done by then!

I'll do another update next week to show you how they're doing after week 2!

Have a fab weekend everyone and remember to wrap up warm tonight if you're going out to see any fireworks (and be very safe!)


  1. Ooh the colour is absolutely gorgeous! Is kind of a mauvey grey isn't it? I did a bit of DIY Shellac removal yesterday which was easy peasy... I couldn't wait until my next appointment because the nail growth is insane haha! x

  2. I know-I'm so shocked at the nail growth already,my nails normally take forever to grow!How did you remove it yourself? I'm loving the colour-I've had loads of compliments about it too :) can't wait for my next appointment! X

  3. You need acetone (or nail polish remover that has acetone in it which is what I used!), cotton wool, tinfoil and a cuticle stick. You put cotton wool soaked in acetone on each nail and wrap tin foil around each one. Leave for 20 minutes, remove cotton wool and foil and then most of the stuff has cracked off, then to get the rest off you just buff at it with the cuticle stick! I found out how to do it online but it is the exact same method that they used on me in the salon before for gel nails! :) xx


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