Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bio Sculture Gel Nails: Round 2

As you will know, I recently dabbled in to the world of gel nails and, well I think it's safe to say, I fell in love!

I've never really been one for nails - I always used to bite them whilst I was growing up, and it's only in recent years that I starting to take any notice of them! After seeing so much about the 'gel' nail craze that's been going around, I decided to investigate locally and found a lovely little salon and I thought, 'why the hell not-go treat yourself'! Well I did and they were amazing! They lasted 3 and a half weeks without chipping (bar one nail that I actually put in the way of my zip) and my nails have grown so much!

Well yesterday, I headed back to the salon to have them soaked off and a new snazzy colour put on!

I went festive - I couldn't resist when I saw this very subtle glitter colour - it had to be this one!

There's even a bit of extra glitter added to my ring finger :)

I also had my toes done too - a bright pink colour! Well, hardly anyone's going to see my toes at the time of the year so I thought why the hell not!

*Apologies now for my foot picture-I know not everyone likes feet but I love the colour and wanted to share*


  1. I know-I couldn't resist! Usually I'm not as daring on my fingers but once I'd seen it I couldn't say no! Really in the Christmas spirit now :) X

  2. I really want to try gel nails. Maybe I'll get some when I have a bit of money after Christmas :)

    I love that red colour, very Christmassy! Haha

    Frances x

  3. I love both colours! Especially the sparkly red, very festive :) xx

  4. Oh I'd definitely recommend! Maybe if you ask Santa very nicely someone might get you a voucher for Christmas for somewhere local to you :) X

  5. Hehe very festive indeed - I love Christmas and once I saw this colour I couldn't resist! X

  6. Luckily, you have cute toes.


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