Sunday, 6 November 2011

Weekend 044

Friday: Today was spent in work, finishing early as usual on a Friday - we never work past 3:30pm if we can help it! Then off I headed up the hill to visit one of my besties who has come home from Oz on a month long holiday-she came home as a surprise to her parents, and boy did she succeed! I only saw her in Aug/Sept when I went out to visit but it's so lovely to catch up again and a few hours were spent with a cuppa (or 2) in front of the fire catching up on all the gossip that has gone on since we last saw each other!

Saturday: I spent most of the day with my parents planning their itinerary for their upcoming trip to New York (cue a very jealous Cat)! They have offered to pay for me to join them and my little bro, but as my lovely car decided to fail its MOT and cost me a massive amount of money, I can't justify going with no money :(
The evening, like many I'm sure, was spent watching the local bonfire and fireworks display! I absolutely love fireworks - they're just so magical! The display I went to is one I haven't been to for years, and it was pretty nice to spend the evening with my friends reliving our youth on the fairground rides and eating candyfloss :)

Sunday: I felt really poorly today-I had tonsillitis last week and although that has gone, so has my voice and today I've just felt very bleurgh! So, cue lots of tea, a quilt on the sofa and cuddles with the bf-just what the doctor ordered (oh and chinese takeaway for din dins)!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend and had a lovely time seeing the fireworks!


  1. Great firework pic, I can never catch them when they explode so I just end up with loads of photos of dark, night sky - rubbish! Hope your throat has cleared up and pop over to mine to get in front of the super hot melting fire!! Best thing for poorly feelings :)

    xo fifi

  2. Yeah I was pretty impressed with how the pictures turned out-especially as I was just using my phone! Oh stop talking about your fire-I'm so jealous! May have to spend the weekend at the parents to enjoy some warmth ;) X


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