Wednesday, 28 December 2011

So, it's been and gone...

For another year and only 363 sleeps until next Christmas (yes, I do love it)!

I really do hope that each and every one of you had a fantabulous Christmas and that you got everything you wished for! I had a lovely day (even if I was full of cold and suffering like a big baby) and received some lovely gifts that I wanted share with all you lovelies! Now I know not everyone likes these kind of post, but me, well I just love them! I am soooooooooo nosey and just love seeing what everyone else got, and I know there's others like me out there so I thought I'd encourage your noseiness and share my little pile with you!

I really didn't ask for much this year-I didn't actually need much, but there were a few things on my list that I was very lucky to have received!

*Apologies for the quality of photo's - my camera charger is down at the parents place and I keep forgetting to grab it, so I am making do with my phone camera*

Pandora (see below) | Crown Cushion (because apparently I think I rule everybody in my family) | Sirius Skin Sonic (see below) | Obligatory Lush gift box (Stardust) Little Women Cloth bound book | Just Dance 1,2 & 3 

Pandora Sterling Silver Heart Ring 

Pandora Single Weaved pearlised bracelet & a little Turtle charm - so cute!

 Sirius Skin Sonic - review to follow

Toms - unfortunately these were the wrong size so they are on their way back so the right size can be sent back out to me!

There were a few other bits like pj's a smellies - but these were the majority of my presents as most people just gave me money-too fussy to buy for apparently! I love everything that I got and I am very grateful to all my friends/family and bf for all their lovely presents - I hope they liked what I bought them just as much as I liked mine! 

Link me to your posts on what you got for Christmas, as I said, I'm very nosey and can't wait to see :) 


  1. Ooh, you got some really lovely things, I got the Lush Stardust gift set aswell and it is amazing :)
    I love your Pandora ring too, it is so simple but really pretty :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. Thank you lovley - yeah, I chose the ring as I can just wear it everyday :) 

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas! XX

  3. You got some lovely presents. I Really do love that Pandora ring! 
    Glad you had a good time, bring on next Christmas haha xx

  4. Ah you got some gorgeous things!  Those TOMS are amazing!! xx

  5. Thank you hun-I know, I can't wait till the right size arrives so I can get wearing them :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas! XX

  6. Thank you hun! Haha bring on next Christmas indeed! XX


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