Sunday, 30 January 2011

Oh how we all love a bargain

So, just browsing the net as you do and found this which I thought may be of interest to some of you lovely ladies!

Debenham's has Benefit's Powder Time Lover Collection on sale for a bargainous £11.25! It's on the site for £12.50 which is a bargain at that but there are a few codes which can be added to bring the price down and also get free delivery!

10% off: PU4P
Free Delivery: SHD1

The set itself is lovely - I personally don't have it because I have all the powders individually (which are Dallas, Dandelion and Coralista) but I had the powderazzi last year and it's such a great trio box-so much easier to pack when going away than all of them individually! 

Happy shopping!

Weekend 015

Friday: Tonight was a very lazy evening spent in with the bf eating lots of food and watching 'Beautiful Mind' - if you've never seen this film I'd definitely recommend it!

Saturday: Keeping with the lazy theme, this morning was spent having a very loooooong lie-in! I had nothing planned for today so decided to spend the day doing some girly things (i.e. facial, de-fuzz etc etc). Tonight, me and the BF headed out for an Indian which was just delicious - we tried a new place (to us anyway, it's been there for absolute years) and I think we may just become regulars!

Sunday: Today was spent manically packing/printing off boarding passes etc as the bf is heading off to Spain for a few days to stay with his parents which means me playing taxi to the airport! This evening I've spent it curled up on the sofa watching tv with a big pot of tea for company!

I now have a few days on my lonesome and was looking forward to some lazy evenings just doing nothing,but as it turns out-I have an extremely busy week ahead of me!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Weigh-in Week 3

Weight: -1lbs

Fitness: Shred day 6 & 7 complete. I also went biking this weekend – my bike has been down at my parents house since I moved but I have brought it home and I’m planning to go out on a ½ hr ride after work (I will go for longer when the weather gets better and the nights get lighter but I think ½ hr is better than nothing for the time being.

Healthy eating: This week hasn’t been too bad at all (except for last night when I had Chinese-but it was Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen, which is the welsh valentines day so it was a treat). I have tried to get back in to the eating programme I had when I attended slimming world and I think it will work much better over the next week as the bf will be away from Sun-Thurs so I can cook whatever I want! I am going to sit down when I get 5 mins and plan the weeks worth of eating. 

All in all not a bad week - I'm not amazingly happy with it but I'm not unhappy with it! I think once I start getting out more and doing more exercise, I think my mind set will change! 

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far - half way there now, nearly the weekend! 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Weekend 014

Friday: Friday night was spent drinking copious amounts of tea and planning a New York trip - which sadly, wasn't my own trip! One of my best friends will be visiting the Big Apple this summer and as she knows me so well (and how much I love a) organising/planning/list writing & b) NYC she asked for my help! We planned everything from the hotel to the day-to-day plans - it was very exciting for her as it's her first time (but I have to admit, the green eyed monster definitely popped out to say hello when she left)!

Saturday: A lovely lie-in (very much needed) followed my a trip to the supermarket after watching the re-run of this week's 'Baking Made Easy' and deciding that I was going to bake this weekend. I didn't do anything too adventurous but made some gorgeous flap-jacks! The evening was spent in with the boyfriend eating lots of lovely home-cooked food (by him-he's definitely the chef in our house) and films - on that note, if you're going to watch 127 hours, do have something to hand to cover your face! It's a little (a LOT) gruesome in some parts!

Sunday: The boyfriend headed out early today to go cycling with the boys so I had a lovely leisurly potter around the house this morning doing some mundane bits n bobs i.e. cleaning/tidying etc. Spent the afternoon over at the parents house and going on my own little bike ride. I then came back home to do some more baking - sausage rolls this time and they are yummy (I'm quite impressed with myself actually)! Despite saying the bf does all the cooking, I decided I would take to the kitchen this evening to give him a break and we've just finished a scrumptious dinner (courtesy of Jamie's 30 min meals - Mustard Chicken). I'm spending this evening doing nothing-a lazy evening in front of the tv!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend?

Pretty in pink

Well a bit more of a blush colour really but either way, I still feel very pretty in my new floaty blouse!

I am loving this trend that's going on at the moment - I LOVE loose fitting tops! With hips like I have, I really don't like anything much that clings on to them so trends like this are definitely up my street!

I went shopping last weekend whilst I was away with friends, and although I made clear upon entering every shop that I wouldn't be purchasing ANYTHING I did manage to come away with this (my friends are very persuasive)!

I know there are lots of very similar blouses out there at the moment (I guess that's what happens when there are trends hehe), this lovely one is from New Look and cost £19.99!

What are you loving at the moment?

P.S. I've played around a little on my layout and means I can now have larger pics - what do you think? Better?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Weigh-in Week 2

Weight loss:
+1lb (oh dear)

Nothing at all!  

Healthy Eating:
Not so good at all 

Ok, so this week has just been completely rubbish! After posting last Wednesday I have been very busy with going out with friends - which has meant lots of take-away and drinking (naughty Cat)! I also came down with flu/a head cold on Sunday so have spent the past 3 days feeling very sorry for myself.

All in all pretty rubbish and I also feel rubbish. But, I am determined not to let it get me down - I still have 31 weeks left till Oz so I just have to work a little harder.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Poorly post

The last two days have seen me curled up in either bed or on the sofa with my patchwork quilt for company - I'm poorly u *insert sympathetic awww here please*

I started feeling poorly on Sunday but put it down to the poison that is alcohol that I had consumed on Saturday night and just ploughed through the day and travelled home for my creature comforts. But I woke up yesterday feeling even worse and again today.

So, my last 2 days have been spent feeling awfully sorry for myself, as you do when you're poorly (especially after I asked the BF if I looked as awful as I felt and his answer was 'Yes' - not what I was looking for)!

Today however, I decided that I needed to do something and headed off to my dressing room and into my book box to pick through the many unloved books that are just waiting for their pages to be turned. I decided on 'I heart New York, Lindsey Kelk' and I am absolutely hooked!

I hold my hands up, I read pretty easy reads - my friend Laura is often ashamed with my choices in books, but everyone has their own tastes I say!

Anyway, I would recommend anyone read this book-I am close to reading the whole thing in just one day! I have been lucky enough to visit NYC twice already and I am so ready to go back-and secretly want to live the life of Angela (or maybe not so secretly) whilst there - I am seriously in love with this city! d

I think I am going to take myself off to Amazon now to purchase the other two books in the 'I heart' series.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Weekend 013

Firstly sorry – I haven’t done one of these since before Christmas *bows my head in shame* but here is my weekend post!

Friday: After finishing work I headed off down south of the Country to spend the night with one of my besties and her husband! I haven’t seen my uni girls since November so it was a night filled of take-away, catching up and films.

Saturday: A quick nip in to Stratford for a spot of shopping before heading off in to Oxfordshire to meet up with the rest of the group! This was a weekend full of celebration for us girls – Nic recently got engaged and Dawny announced that she is pregnant! I have known this news since NYE but had to keep it quiet as she was only 8 weeks and if you knew me, you’d know how difficult this has been – I am awful at keeping secrets, especially when people ask me outright so I was extremely happy when she let everyone else know! I am so happy for both of them, although I’m a little sad at how our group is going to change so much in 2011! Not so much with Nic getting married (2 of the group are already married) but with a baby joining the group. We’re not going to be able to do all the things we do now, weekends away, nights out – but at the end of the day, she’s so happy and that’s all that really matters!

Sunday: A much needed pub lunch before the long journey back up North (which took up most of my Sunday)! 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Weight loss Week 1

Weight loss:
-1lb (on target  YEY)

Zumba (x1 session - unfortunately this lands on the same night as I do some voluntary work so it's going to have to be an every other week session). 
30 day shred - up until day 5 (and actually enjoying it) 

Healthy Eating:
Not so good at all 

Overall, I’m relatively happy with this week – I’ve managed to lose my 1lb target and increased my fitness. Next week, I will be planning my meals better so the healthy eating WILL be better!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

What are your favourite pieces?

I am currently (and have been for months now) re-decorating the spare room in my house. This room is MY room – my dressing room (although it has aptly been dubbed my sulking room by my parents and boyfriend because I do something called sulking, not sure what they’re on about to be honest)!

So whilst decorating, I bought a new jewellery hanger and as I was putting it up today, I thought it would be the perfect chance to do a jewellery post.

I don’t actually wear that much jewellery in all honesty – I have quite a lot of costume jewellery, and I love buying new pretty little bits n bobs whenever I see them, but they just seem to end up being displayed in my room rather than worn – I really should wear it more.

I never ask for jewellery for birthdays etc, but over the years I have picked up a few items, which I do really love (and wear on special occasions) M
The jewellery hanger was from Next

Swarovski bracelet:
I got this as a present off my best friend for my 21st – you can just about see that there is a sparkly key (key to the door, 21 and all that hehe)! I love this bracelet – it’s so delicate and sparkly (I’m actually a little scared to wear this sometimes in case I break it)!

Tiffany bracelet:
I think we’ll all agree-no girls jewellery collection is complete without a piece from Tiffany’s is it? Well I got my first piece when I visited New York (2009) and headed off to 5th Avenue – well it’s a must really isn’t it! Now I do love this bracelet and out of all my jewellery, I wear this the most!

Pearl necklace:
This was a very generous present I got for being bridesmaid for my best friend last year! I was absolutely flabbergasted by it-really wasn’t expecting anything! As with my Swarovski bracelet, I’m a little scared of wearing this – it’s real pearls and I just think I’d be so unbelievably upset if I ever lost it (I know I’m being dramatic)!

What are your favourite jewellery pieces? 

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A lighter note

So, as one of my goals for this year is to be healthy, I have started it as I hope I can carry on.

I wasn’t silly enough to start my new year’s goals on New Year’s day as they just wouldn’t happen, so I thought I’d start them yesterday (4th Jan) which is when most people went back to work and life returns to some kind of normality.

I was planning on logging my weight/body change on here and I think I will (if you guys don’t mind) but I don’t think I’m going to log my starting weight-just what I lose (fingers crossed) each week.

I don’t want to be too unrealistic so I have set myself a target – I’d like to be 21lb’s lighter by August 25th – which is 2 days before I plan on jetting off to Australia S

That gives me 33 weeks – which is an average of just over 0.6lbs to lose each week. I am going to work on the basis of losing 1lb every week-that way, it’ll be lost gradually and I won’t be kicking myself one week if I don’t lose any or only lose ½ - I have time to play with!

So, obviously as this is my first post – I have nothing to report re: any loses, however day 1 went pretty well – I started with a session of the 30day shred (although I only managed 2 out of the 3 levels as I stupidly tried to do it without having eaten a thing and nearly passed out – slap on the wrist for me)!

I then went to my first Zumba class, which was, well different! I did enjoy it and I can see it will be something I come to really enjoy going to, but yesterday I felt a little out of my comfort zone. For someone who has no rhythm, it was a little difficult to follow at times – if you’ve ever been to a class yourself, I’m the one that was pretty much just doing my own little thing in corner (I’m sure every class has one of those-well I hope so anyway).

Anyway, I’m going to give Shred a rest for tonight as I’m feeling rather delicate (I am extremely unfit – taking the stairs rather than the escalator in a shopping centre is my kind of exercise, so everything hurts today) and do day 2 tomorrow. I don’t want to overdo it and not be able to do anything-you got to walk before you can run (and this is actually true in my case).

I am going to pop out this weekend and purchase some proper trainers – I don’t think converse trainers are really made for exercise and I’m going to give the whole ‘couch to 5k’ plan a go (although I’m not overly confident on this as I have an extremely weak knee and I’ve been told that jogging is one of the most intensive things to do for knees – BUT I am going to give it a go)!

I am also going to sit down tonight and plan some lunch box ideas. I have the bonus of a hob; oven and microwave in work so can take pretty much anything in with me, so no excuses! What are your favourite lunch box idea’s (no fish recipes please – phobic here)

Each week I will post my loss etc but I can assure you it’ll be literally a very short post-nothing like this at all – as long as you all don’t mind C

How are your resolutions/goals going so far?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

MAC Collection: Cham Pale

I'm sure we’re all aware that MAC have a new collection out at the moment, Cham Pale and whilst out and about this weekend, I couldn't help but nip into Debenhams and pick up a couple of items $

I love this collection – it’s my kind of colours etc (I’m not very adventurous etc when it comes to colours as I’m sure you’re all aware of).

Anyway, feeling the pinch of Christmas and all that, I only picked up 2 items which are:

Chilled on ice (paint pot) & Rose Ole Special Reserve Highlight Powder.

Now I’m sure we all know what the paint pots are – I for one am a big fan of paint pots and have a small collection from Mac and Benefits equivalent’s (the creaseless cream shadow’s) and the paint pots in this collection are just lovely! In the past, I have found paint pots to be somewhat dry in the past, but the formula of these new one’s are ever so creamy!

I’ve never bought any of the highlight powders so I was very intrigued by the 2 in this collection but opted just to get the Rosé Olé one. From what I know, these powders are somewhat in between an MSF and the Beauty Powders – not as metallic as an MSF but still have some of the sheen to leave a lovely glow to the skin!

Not the greatest swatch in the world but the best I could do in this awful light: Chilled on Ice (L), Rosé Olé (R)

What will you be buying from the new collection? 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

What will 2011 hold?

I wonder indeed!

I'm not really one for making new years resolutions, I never stick to them and really, if I want to do something, then I'd like to think that I would just get on and do it rather than wait until it's a new year's resolution.

But, today, whilst having a lazy day, I've been thinking about what I'd 'like' to do in 2011 and thought I'd put them down on paper (or screen) and give me something I can hopefully cross over throughout the year:

001: Travel
This year I would like to travel around the world-not necissarlly to far away places, but I'd like to go to at least 3 different countries this year. I know in August I will be heading off Down Under to visit one of my best friends, so there's one trip ticked off. The other 2, well, we'll see where the wind takes me, but I would like to visit Paris +.

002: Weight
Towards the end of 2010 I had some ups and downs and I'm a mega comfort eater which has led to me gaining some very unwanted weight, so in 2011, I would like to lose the added weight and a little bit more just to top it off-I'm not wanting to be skinny, I doubt I could ever be skinny, but I would like to feel better in myself!

003: Work 
I will get a new job in 2011 - my job is very uncertain at the moment and it has made me realise that it is time that I move one and further my horizons. I feel very positive about a new job - it excites me the thought of starting a new chapter in my life and will mean meeting new people (and hopefully make new friends)!

004: Blog
I am determined to blog more this year - I don't blog as regularly as I'd like to and there are no excuses really! I will be the proud owner of a new camera in January so will have no excuses really so be ready for some regular postings from Moi! Also, on the same line as blogging - I would LOVE to meet up with some of you lovely ladies, I've really enjoyed making some new friends on here over the past year and would love a meet up in real life! $

005: Socialise 
This one may sound strange, but this year, I really need to socialise more. As sad as this may sound, I don't have that  many friends-I have a brilliant group of girls that are my best friends from Uni, however they all live down South of the Country and I live in North Wales so we only get to see each other about once a month. My other friends, are dotted here and there around the place and I only have the one friend back at home who will be soon leaving me to live in London town too - so, I really need to find some more friends at home, otherwise I will really be a lonely soul (hopefully getting a new job can help with this one) #

So, these are my hopes and dreams for 2011 - what are yours?