Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Recently I treated myself to a taste card - I had never heard of Taste until my lovely boyfriend pointed them out on ebay!

It's very similar to The Gourmet Society (which I had heard about) - basically, the card offers you discounts at over 4500+ restaurants across the UK.

Some restaurants offer 2for1 and others 50% off your total bill! I think if you live in a City, this would be absolutely amazing - a friend of mine lives in London and has a Gourmet Society subscription and says she uses it a least once a week!

The best part of it is - an annual subscription costs £69.95 but I bought mine for ..... £1.99! That's right beauties - only £1.99! What an absolute bargain! I bought mine on ebay from this seller but there are plenty of others out there.

I'd definitely recommend you take a peek at the Taste website and see if it would be worth treating yourself too - for £1.99 I can't see why not, even if you only use it once!

Monday, 25 April 2011

New design

Well hello there all my lovelies - just a quick post from me tonight as I wanted to share with you my AMAZING new blog design!

I am not very technically minded so I asked for the help from the lovely Abby from abbzzw designs to design me a sparkly new header and menu buttons and she really did come up trumps!

I absolutely LOVE the pretty daisy theme - perfect for the weather we are having right now!

I definitely recommend that you take a peek at her design blog and if you need any design needs - she is definitely the queen of design +

I hope you all like!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Weekend 025

It really doesn't feel like a Sunday at all today - it must be the fact that I had Friday off and I'm not in work tomorrow either! I think we were all in much need of the bank holiday weekend and the fact that we've had this glorious sunshine has just made it perfect - it's not often we get to enjoy bank holidays is it?

So, on to my weekend post and the ramblings of what I have got up to on this glorious weekend:

Enjoying the sunshine (& my newly coloured hair)!

Friday: Up early to make the most of the 4days off work - me and the bf decided that we would get up when we woke up over the bank holiday, rather than going back to sleep for lie-ins to make the most of the time we had off together! We headed on down to my parents house this morning (my Mum got a new iPhone 4 so the bf kindly sorted it out for her and synced it with her itunes etc - she is rather technically challenged)! Then we headed out to our local town so that I could buy a new phone-my contract on my iphone is up and I've decided to go for a change and get an android phone *GASP*! I've had an iphone for years so kind of want something a little different (but still have all the apps etc)! Unfortunately the phone I want (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc) is out of stock everywhere so I'll just have to wait!
In the evening, I had a real treat - I headed on out to dinner with my best friend forever! We met at 3yrs and grew up together and she has been there fore me through so so much as I have for her and although we don't see each other as much as we should, it's exactly like old times when we do meet up - the true meaning of a friend!

Saturday: Another early morning up enjoying home made granola for breakfast - very scrumptious indeed :-)! As the football was on this afternoon, I decided to head on out to a local retail park and do a spot of shopping! I didn't really buy that much (expcept a new pair of black skinnies and a pair of skinnies) -the shops were empty, I don't think people realise the shops are only shut for one day over the bank holiday! Shopping was followed by a chippy dinner and then out for drinks with my friend Laura who I haven't seen in a month as she moved to London and was back 'oop North' visiting for Easter. It was so lovely to catch up and hear all her goss from the Big Smoke!

Sunday: Again, an early morning (I'm doing well considering I'm a lazy moo and would rather stay in bed for extra time than straighten my hair usually) and off to the parents to celebrate Easter! We took home made bread dough to cook for a brekkie which was truly delicious - I really don't think you can beat fresh bread! Then back home to enjoy the sunshine - I've washed the car and I'm now sat in the garden writing this with Adele;21 currently playing (yes I know I'm very late to the party here)! I have been listening to the Chris Moyles North Wales parody from last year - I absolutely love hearing all the local places (it's quite surreal knowing them and going there on a regular basis)

FYI: This video is pretty wicked!!

I hope you're all having a fab Easter and have been stuffing your face full of chocolate all day! I only got the one egg, but I'm trying to be healthier so that works for me!

I'm going to carry on sitting in the garden before heading out on a bike ride later when the weather cools down! Hopefully it'll be just as beautiful tomorrow to finish off a brilliant bank holiday!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sparkly shoes

I am a flat kind gal when it comes to shoes - I very rarely wear heels, mainly because I spent 3 years in physio with a dodgy knee and had to stop wearing them and have kinda fallen out of love with them! Don't get me wrong, for the right occasion, I slip on some heels and strut my stuff, but I feel rather uncomfortable in them (I'm not sure if it's because I can't really walk in the properly or because I am just so used to flats?)!

So, I am always on the lookout for some cheap beautiful heels as I wear them so often, they wear out very quickly indeed!

And a little gem of treasure was waiting to be found by me in my local...Primark! I really don't think you can wrong for cheap flats in primark - they do the job and for a fraction of the price you'd spend elsewhere!

Whilst shopping with my ever growing giant of a little brother (13 years old and taller than me and still growing scares me a little) I spotted these little beauties hiding away in the mens departement!

Now I'm pretty sure they are not meant for men and had just been discarded in the pre-checkout cull (does anyone else do this in Primark?) but I was very grateful for the find - and in my size WOOP!

They are a beautiful soft grey colour and a very soft suede like material! I am truly in love with them - their sparkly bow-esque detailing is just so pretty! And they were an absolute bargain at £8! If they'd of had more, I'd of stocked up and stored them away for when a pair had had its usage!

Are you a heel or flat kinda gal?

Friday, 22 April 2011

A shiny blue tube of delight

So recently I got suckered in by all the hype that is surrounding the No 17 mirror shine lipsticks and popped one of the beautifully shiny blue tubes of promises into my baskets whilst perusing the isles of boots!

I am not a big lipstick fan - actually, let me re-phrase that! I am a big lipstick fan, I love all the amazing colours out there but unfortunately, my lips do not share my passion! They are dry and lipstick just looks pretty gross on them to be quite honest!

But, after reading many a posts about these amazing lipsticks that promise to be shiny and glossy and more of a sheen a colour I decided to give it a whirl and see how me and my lips got on.

And well I just love it! 

I only picked up one (the extremely pretty Beehive) at £4.49 even though Boot's were doing 3 for 2 - although they are always doing this so I haven't really lost out there! I thought, rather sensibly, that I would give this one a go before teasing myself with all the other beautiful colours!

*Apologies for the poor pictures - even though the sun is out, I just can't seem to get the lighting right*

The colour in the tube is very bold - but once applied, it adds just a lovely sheen of colour to the lips! They are very much like a lipgloss but without the stickyness! I found that once applied, they left the lips feeling as if they had a lip balm on them - very smooth and non-drying!

As for wear, I haven't found it to be very long lasting, but it's not a deal breaker for me!

I do love this very much - I have used it every day and have had lots of comments on the lovely colour! I would definitely recommend you head on over to boots and have a nosey at the colours they have! I think I will be treating myself to peach next time I'm in town!

Hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather and have a fab Easter bank holiday R

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Birthday treats

Yesterday was my gorgeous boyfriend's birthday which meant we both had a day off to spend doing whatever pleased!

A kitsch little store opposite the train station - loved the name/
The 'smallest house in Britain' and a lovely Welsh Lady/
The views over the Conwy Quay/ Conwy Castle/ 
Coconut & chocolate sauce pancake/ A lovely little Otter

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weekend 024

Friday: Tonight was spent as per usual sitting in front of the tv catching up on all the programmes that I haven't yet watched. This week was Desperate Housewives - I managed to get through 6 episodes tonight - brilliant!

Saturday: Early morning for me as it was qualifying day (for the F1) - I hate to admit it, but I do quite like getting up early on the weekend as I seem to get some much done (I know that's pretty obvious)! Today, me and the Bf decided to head on in to Chester for a mooch around - my phone contract is up for renewal and I currently have an iphone but I think I want something different this time round so we spent a LOT of time in the phone shops playing with all that's on offer! We then headed in to the indoor market and spent a lot of time at the Cheese stall - I love cheese hehe, we spent a lot of money on this stall :-)!

Sunday: Today was mine and the bf's anniversary and to celebrate being together 7 years we decided to head on out for some lunch! We had to drop his parents off at Liverpool airport so where better to go for lunch than head in to Liverpool! We ended up at the Albert Dock - and considering I live relatively close to Liverpool, I have never been to the Docks before so it was a mini adventure for me! We had a wander around and settled down in a pub for some lunch!The weather was perfect for for it! The evening was spent just chilling at home enjoying a mini indoor picnic for supper! It really was a lovely day!

I Hope you all had a fab weekend too!!!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Birthday wishlist...

My birthday is getting very near (May 13th for all of you lovelies who'd like to treat me to any of the following *hehe*) and like everyone of us I'm sure, I have started creating a wishlist in the hope that my fairy god mother will treat me!

There are lots of bits n bobs that I'd like - the usual stuff like perfume, some clothes but I can get all of those things for myself really - I always think that on birthdays, especially as we get older, we should get things that we wouldn't really go out and buy ourselves on any other day!

So when the lovely Beatrix contacted me from I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to browse all the lovely items on there and find some special litttle items for my birthday wishlist!

ShopAlike is a new shopping portal which brings together a full array of shops and products into the one site, therefore making internet shopping easier and faster. We currently have more than 265 partnershops.

I've wanted a new bag and purse for a while now so this was the first thing I went to browse and have decided that I would very much like my fairy godmother to treat me to these - pretty please!

Marc Jacobs Black/Gold handbag

I love this bag - it looks so classy and I think it would look just perfect on my arm ;-)

Again - very classic! I don't own anything from Mulberry - and this does make me rather sad when I see all the pretty items they have but I really can bring myself to spend the money - but on birthday's you should be treated with pretty things! 

What would be on your birthday wishlist? 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Weekend 023

Hello there to all of you (and especially to all of my new followers *I'm waving*)! I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend and have enjoyed all the amazing weather that we've had! Here's what I got up to this weekend.

Friday: I was poorly this week - I managed to pick up a 24hr bug so I finished work early to come home and have a nap. Feeling a bit more refreshed and a little more human, I dolled myself up ready for a quiet night out with the girlies. I had a lovely night, but I really do feel old now (and I'm only 24) - I would much prefer a night in with a glass of wine than going out - but, it's fun every now and then!

Saturday: Today was spent enjoying the amazing weather that we have been experiencing here in the UK! I mooched around the shops for a bit, headed on down the parents house to catch up and enjoy a scrumptious ice cream-perfect! Me and the BF then enjoyed a night in together with an indian takeaway (I really fancied something naughty for dinner)!

Sunday: Today I have been very green-fingered! I've never really done much gardening, but inspired by the lovely weather, me and the BF headed on out to the local garden centre and picked up some herbs to start out own little herb garden! I wasn't really paying much attention whilst planting away and now have one bright red arm where I've sunburnt - oops! Tonight, I'm having our first BBQ of the year and I am soooooooo looking forward to tucking it to all the yummy food!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Scalp rescue

A few months back, I started suffering from a really itchy and flaky scalp! Now, I don't know if this has ever happened to you before, but if I'm totally honest, I was a little embarrassed about it so didn't say anything to anyone.

I did a bit of research on the good old net as to why it could've happened, and I have decided it was down to stress - before Christmas wasn't a fantastic time and the following months were pretty rough too so I think my poor scalp suffered as a result!

I finally had a chat with one of my oldest family friends who is currently doing hairdressing in college - she had a quick look and assured me it was nothing to be embarrassed about and it happens to a lot more people that you think. So, after feeling reassured, off I headed in to boot's to pick up Polytar (on her recommendation).

If you're not aware, polytar is basically a liquid scalp treatment suitable for itchy, flaking scalps, eczema, seborrhoea, psoriasis and problem dandruff.

Now, be aware, this stuff really doesn't smell great (at all-I really don't like the smell very much) but I find that once I use my conditioner afterwards, the smell is no longer there.

So how do I use it?

I don't wash my hair everyday - if I'm honest, I wash my hair about 3 times a week max. I'm very lucky tat my hair doesn't get very greasy quickly - I really have to leave it a long time before it gets greasy. People I know call me lazy for not washing it so often, but personally, my hair just doesn't need it (and I think they're jealous). I don't use the polytar every wash - I alternate with my Naked products. When I bought the polytar, I decided to pick up some new shampoo & conditioner and to go as natural as I could - this is quite limited in my local boots and naked was the only range that was on offer, but I've been extremely impressed with the products I've had.

So, I'll use the polytar followed by my naked conditioner. The following wash, I'll use both the naked shampoo & conditioner.

I've been using it for a few months now and I'm happy to say I haven't got an itchy scalp any more - it has been worth putting up with the smell (in my case anyway)!

Have you had any problems with an itchy scalp? Any wonderous cures you've ever used?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend 022

Friday: Tonight I headed on up to visit my friend so we could skype our bestie out in Oz and make some plans for our visit in August - it was so lovely seeing her face, it's been far too long! It was very exciting talking about all the exciting things we're going to do (if anyone has any suggestions on 'must do' things in Sydney, I'm all ears)!

Saturday: Today I became an honoury farmer for the day - my friend is a sheep farmer and is currently in the middle of lambing, so I offered my help for the day! It was lots of fun and extremely knackering - I had to chase sheep, catch little lambs and feed the cows (they are absolutely massive by the way)! I spent the evening completely shattered and slumped on the sofa and headed off to bed for 9:30pm - I'm so rock n roll!

Cue some extremely cute pictures of a lovely little lamb we looked after -

Sunday: I was rudely awakened this morning by a nasty migraine at 4:30am so I had a lie-in to try and sleep it off which actually did make me feel a little better! Me and the bf headed on out to do a spot of shopping before heading on home to see my Mummy for a mummy's day lunch & to give her presents! I've spent most of the afternoon napping - migraines really do drain every little bit of energy out of you! I'm going to spend the evening doing pretty much the same thing I think and having a scrumptious dinner cooked my my wonderful bf (he is an amazing cook-I'm very lucky)!

Hope you've all had a fab weekend - it's a shame Monday's have to come round so quickly!