Saturday, 7 January 2012

Faux de Parfum

I am sure you've all heard about the Travalo - a compact perfume atomiser perfect for use on the go. A while back, they were all over the beauty community-with posts & video's about them and I, like many of you I'm sure wanted one but I just never got round to it!

I did post about it not long before Christmas when it was on offer on Amazon at the bargain price of £5 and bought a few, with Christmas presents in mind. I did hope to keep one back for myself, but being the kind person I am, I gave them all away.

So, I was back at square one, wanting one for myself but not really wanting to pay £9.99 so I turned to trusted old Ebay and had a search - I love a good bargain, who doesn't! And there were plenty to choose from!

Looks like a travalo - acts like a travalo

I bought from this UK seller for £3.49 (inc free delivery) and it arrived within a few days - brilliant service. It's the same size as the travalo and holds the same amount of perfume as one too! It works just the same as the travelo; pot the top of your perfume off (to reveal the little white stick-very technical I know) and then pop the bottom of the atomiser on the stick and pump away!

It is currently filled with Marc Jacobs Lola perfume and is ready to travel with me on my daily travels :)

What's in your 'travalo/perfume atomiser'?


  1. they offered me one of these when i bought some perfume in the sale the other day but it was £8 and i am low on funds right now! looks useful though, ebay is great for finding random things cheaper i always look there before buying somewhere else! 

  2. I have Lady Million in my Travalo, but I am using a different perfume at the moment so I want to use the Travalo up so I can switch hehe x 

  3. Oh that is one perfume I want to try-tried to smell it over the Christmas period but was full of cold and didn't have a chance!Will have to give it a sniff next time I'm at a perfume counter :) XX

  4. They offered me something similar in Boots too but it wasn't as nifty as these type (you had to squirt in the perfume instead of pumping)! I'd definitely recommend when you do get some funds :) XX

  5. I've wanted one of these for quite a while, never thought of eBay though! xxx

  6. Thanks for this post, I've wanted one of these for ages! Just bought one :)

  7. Oh I always check ebay for things-I'm a bit of a cheapskate lol! It's amazing what can be found on there :) XX

  8. Oh yey-so glad that you managed to get one! Such a good deal! Enjoy using :) XX


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