Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sirius Skinsonic: Review

You may have seen in my Christmas post that I received the Sirius Skinsonic as one of my lovely gifts. Now, looking at it, it is very similar to the Clarasonic and truth be told, the Clarasonic is what I wanted but being the tight arse that I am, I refused to pay the ££ for something I wasn’t sure I’d actually use, cue the Skinsonic.

I first heard about this after watching one of Elle’svideo’s where she talked about using it as part of her skincare routine and after hearing the cost, I did a bit more investigating.

I have been using this now religiously every night since Christmas day (which is just a little over 3 weeks) and there’s been a lot of chatter on twitter recently about the Clarasonic that I wanted to get this post up as it may be an alternative some of you may consider trying.

Now I’ll be honest, upon asking Mummy for this for Christmas, I did have a few thoughts in mind...
a)      I would get this to see if I actually used it on a daily basis or would it just be a fad?
b)      If I did use it on a daily basis, is it good enough i.e. could I see a difference?
c)       If yes, the plan was to spend the extra and treat myself to the Clarasonic.

Anyway, let’s show you the product in question:

Now, what does the website say...

The Sonic Skincare System vibrates at a sonic frequency of more than 300 motions per second.

Sirius Sonic works with the skin, not against it.

Back and forth oscillating motion effectively cleans, clarifies and stimulates the skin.

Unlike the devices that use rotary technology such as the Revolve by DDF and the Pro-X by Olay, the Sonic Skincare System does not pull and tug on the skin causing irritation, and allows for a much deeper cleansing, exfoliation and penetration of serums and moisturizers.

I do not own the Clarasonic, so I can’t compare the 2 products, but, from what I have read, they sound very similar indeed.

There are a few differences to see from the 2:

© The Clarasonic is charged my mains whereas the Skinsonic is battery operated – may be a pain for some, but doesn’t really bother me.
© The Skinsonic comes with 5 brush heads (Brush Head for Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin, Exfoliation Applicator, Hydration Applicator & a Toning Attachment) whereas the Clarasonic only comes with one brush head.

I think the main difference is price

© Clarasonic (mia) = £120
©  Skinsonic = $68.95 – which is roughly £45 (I’ll be completely honest that I didn’t pay any postage costs – my Nanna lives in Canada part of the year so I ordered it to be delivered there as it’s free and she brought it home for me).

Now as I say, I have been using this religiously every night since Christmas and have really started to notice a difference in the last week. My skin really does seem so much clearer and softer.
You may have heard that there is often a purging phase for your skin and yes, I did got through this a little, but it really wasn’t anything to write home about, a little red patch on my cheek where I suffer any with dry skin, but that soon cleared up and all is back to normal.

I am really impressed with the Skinsonic – as I said, I’ve never tried the Clarasonic, but in all fairness, the Skinsonic has done exactly what I expected it to do and I really don’t feel the need to go and spend the ££ on the Clarasonic after all.

Has anyone else tried the Skinsonic – what were your thoughts?


  1. I'm dying to try the Clarisonic but don't think I'll ever be able to afford it. May add this to my wishlist instead. Thanks for sharing :) x

  2. Thanks for sharing this :) I've wanted a Clarisonic for so long but my student budget just won't allow for me to buy one :( so I'm going to look further in to this one! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. Yeah I was a bit the same about the clarasonic (although the student budget is far gone for me hehe) but I'm really happy with this one-it's doing exactly what I expected of it :) XX

  4. No probs hun, I'd definitely recommend, it's doing what I expected of it so don't feel the need to go and splurge on the clarasonic xx

  5. No probs hun, I'd definitely recommend, it's doing what I expected of it so don't feel the need to go and splurge on the clarasonic xx

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