Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekend #3

This weekend was spent with my most favourite people-my bestest friends from Uni and it was just fab!

Friday: A half day at work (or a 2 hour day in my case) was followed by a panic buying shopping dash for last minute birthday presents, and a few sneaky little treats for me before heading down South to start my weekend off with the girls! Tonight was a quiet one, staying in with home-cooked food and good company, what more could you want to start a weekend off!

Saturday: Another panic shopping trip, yesterday's didn't go so well but today's was perfect, got some lovely presents, perfect for the girls! Then it was off to Bristol to get the weekend started properly! In total, there were 10 of us this weekend, so you can imagine, it was a busy one! The evening was spent at a new restaurant that has opened in Bristol called Zazabazaar-anyone been? It was amazing! It's like a street market inside with different food stations from around the world - it's safe to say, I pigged out big style (why not when it's all you can eat)!

 Cooking my yummy carbaonara at the European station!

Making naan bread to order at the Indian station!

One side of the Desert station - amazing! 

I would highly recommend the place if you're ever in Bristol - it's supposedly the largest restaurant in Europe, and with 700 sitting at 9pm last night, I can believe it! Zazabazaar was followed by a trip to the casino-my first ever experience which was fun - no money was spent by me, I'm a little too cautious for that, but I enjoyed directing the others hehe!

Sunday: Well, I can honestly say I was still feeling pretty full from last night-the little piggy that I am! So, this morning was spent reminiscing about the night, as you do! Unfortunately my day in Bristol was short lived as it was back in the car to make the journey back home - the long, lonely journey back home! The rest of the day has been spent just lying on the sofa trying to chill out-I can see I will be shattered tomorrow! 

I hope you've all had a fab weekend - what did you get up to? 


  1. That restaurant looks so so good, if I'm ever in Bristol I will definitely have to check that out! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. How does the naan bread taste? It looks very interesting.
    Could you take a look at my personal style blog? me if you like it. I'll be happy to follow you back :)Greetings,Joanna from

  3. Oh it really was-and yes, you should definitely check it out :) XX


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