Monday, 30 January 2012

Weekend #4

I just had to double check which week were in - for some reason I thought it was still at #6 - hasn't January just gone so so slow :(

Anyway, on to my weekend:

Friday: Friday night was a lovely night in just chilling - I really felt like this week has been a long one, even though I was off on Monday due to a migraine attack which really did wipe me out for the week.

Saturday: Today was a day for being a domestic goddess - a think a little less goddess, more domestic lazy bones, but there were chores to be done including emptying my wardrobe of EVERYTHING and only putting the things I ACTUALLY wear back in! It's amazing the amount of stuff I've held on to for years because I wore it once. Felt very good to get rid of stuff, gives me an excuse to go and buy some more clothes! The evening with spent with the OH's family celebrating his Dad's birthday and house warming for his Sister and Brother -in-law. They have an amazing new place which I am so so jealous about :(

Sunday: Today was pampering day! It was long overdue for me to head on over to the friends and get my roots done! It was safe to say that she was truly appalled at the state of my T-section. I love it when my hair has just been coloured, it does make me feel so much better-I shouldn't leave it so long in between colours! I am to be a better.

All in all it's been a pretty chilled out, enjoyable weekend! Hope you've had a lovely weekend too!


  1. I feel like this month has gone quite slow as well :(
    And I've just ordered a moustache phone case like that haha :)

    Frances x (Giveaway now on)
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I am in love with your phone case:O where did you get it? xx

  3. love that photo :D

    Love Lois xxx


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