Monday, 6 February 2012

Weekend #5

Well another weekend has passed us and we are finally in February - wow, January was LONG!

Friday: Today was a long day for me-up very early (especially for a Friday) and off to spend the day delivering internet safety awareness sessions to a bunch of college students-first time delivering it for students but the day went well, and fingers crossed, it wasn't too boring for them! The only downfall was me feeling very poorly-since about Wednesday I have been feeling poorly and by today, it was just getting worse. Because of that, I headed over to the parents house as the bf was out for the night and I didn't fancy being on my own and ended up taking a trip to Ikea-what better way to cheer myself up! I love Ikea - there was a programme a few years ago about Ikea and how for some families, it's like a day out, and that can definitely be said for my family (sad I know)!

Beautiful sunrise to brighten my early morning start

Saturday: Today, my poorliness got the better of me and a call was made to the emergency doctor-thankfully I managed to see someone and an ear infection was diagnosed. I really didn't think and ear infection could make someone so poorly, but all I could do this morning was cry! The day therefore was spent on the couch feeling very sorry for myself with an evening full of chinese (my excuse was that rice was soft to eat so wouldn't hurt me-chewing with an ear infection is a bitch)! 

Sunday: Today was a day for the 6 Nations (yes, it started yesterday and I watched, but today's match was good old Wales)! I'm a big rugby fan and really enjoyed watching Wales today- I have high hopes for them this time round!

I hope you've all had a fab weekend too-next weekend will be a busy one, gathering with friends on Friday then heading down to London on Saturday for TOIWB - who will I be seeing there (please, please, please come and say hi, I am really worried no-one will talk to me and I'll be the longer in the corner)!

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  1. I loved the Welsh match yesterday :) 
    I hope that you're on the mend now.
    I'm going to TOWIB Saturday, so nervous but so excited! x


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