Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekend #11

Friday: Well Friday was an extremely long day for me :( I spent Thursday & Friday in Cardiff on a work event and spent my usual Friday evening of chilling out on a train, if you could call the cramped, crappy carriage on the long 4hr journey back up North! Absolutely gutted I couldn't stay for an extra night and be there for the Wales match, especially as my hotel was directly opposite, but apparently squatters rights don't apply to hotels - who'd of thunk it!

Saturday: Following the very long 2 days in Cardiff, I decided to use today as a chill out day - it was very much needed, I'm a grumpy cow when I'm tired! I really enjoyed today though, it's been a while since I just did nothing!Today was filled with cups of tea, rugby *AMAZINGLY PLAYED WALES* and yummy treats (including percy pig biscuits)!
I know I mentioned last week that I would be picking up my new car this Saturday, but unfortunately, due to some mix up with the bank, I wasn't able to go pick it up, but I will have it next Saturday-cannot wait!

Sunday: Today, as I'm sure you're aware, if not, was mother's day here in the UK. My Sunday started very early as I woke, rather wearily to watch the F1 season kick off in style with the Australian Grand Prix. Following that, on the insistence of Mother, we headed off to Ikea for a spot of shopping - I bloody love Ikea I do! Whilst there, I took the opportunity to pop in to the rather large Boots opposite with a long list of products I was hoping to spend my ££ on- including the very talked about Revlon Lip Butters, the No7 cleansing water and much more, but it wasn't supposed to be-they had NOTHING that I wanted :( complete shopping fail! *FYI I was told today, and I know some of you have been told the same, that the No7 cleansing water has been recalled but will be back soon enough, apparently!*
Following a successful mooch around Ikea for the parents, it was back home to for nap time-I think I'm either exhausted after such a busy week, or I'm coming down with something, I've felt rotten all day!

My present to my mum -personalised family poster from A Piece Of @

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and was much more successful at what you set out to do that I have been! Better luck next week ey!

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  1. Such a shame you didn't stay in Cardiff for an extra day, the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. I was, and still am, extremely proud after yesterday's match :) xx


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