Thursday, 29 March 2012

A weekend away

So last weekend, I booked a last minute deal on Travelzoo and headed down to Buckinghamshire for a little weekend getaway (any excuse to drive my shiny new car)!

Whilst I was getting ready for our evening meal, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you all what I took away with me, and quite frankly, which bits are pretty much staples in my make-up bag!

Not the clearest of pictures - apologies :)

So, I will try and go in some orderly fashion that you'll be able to follow and give my 2 pennies worth as we go:

Benefit High Beam: This is one of the little minitures that was free last year in *Glamour* (I can't remember which mag to be honest) and is fab for travelling as it takes up hardly any space at all. In actual fact, this lives in my handbag make-up bag for any *touch-up* moments!

Benefit Pose Tint: Again, another miniature free with a mag last year-I love this tint, such a perfect pink colour to give a lovely flushed look. I have the 2True dupe of this, but I do prefer the Benefit version if I'm completely honest - but, if you wanted to try it out for the first time, then I would highly recommend giving the 2True version a go first. 

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel: Need I say any more...

Collection 2000 Concealer: This is a bit of a cult item really acorss the blogging world. I've used this for so long but I am considering giving the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer a go-any recommendations for someone with awful under-eye dark circles?

Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua: I LOVE this foundation-I save this for special occasions (I use Mac Face & Body on a daily basis)! I love everything about this foundation; the formulation, the finish, even the smell! Would highly recommend. 

Benefit Hoola: This is my holy grail daily bronzer-I couldn't be without it (I actually need a new one as I've hit pan on this one, but payday seems so far away. Fingers crossed it lasts). 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (from the core collection) & Power Brush: I have written about these brushes before and my love for them. Couldn't recommend enough! 

Sigma F80 Kabuki brush: I find this brush works best for me when applying the Soleil tan de Chanel. If I'm honest, I haven't really played around with other brushes, but figured, as I was happy with the results, why bother. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion mini: This came with my Naked Palette and has come in very handy indeed for travelling around. 

No7 Equsiette Curl Mascara: I love this mascara. I have very straight lashes which refuse to hold a curl - damn straightness! But this mascara manages to get some kind of curl to them - the best out of many mascara's that I have tried at least. 

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette: I absolutely LOVE this palette-I have another in my drawer as back-up as it is pretty much the only palette of eyeshadows that I use these days. My naked palette was sold and my mac palette is redundant in a drawer. It has everything I want from an eyehadow palette-and at £4, you really can't go wrong. 

And finally, the 2 brushes at the front are the Revlon contour shadow brush & Sigma SS275. I use these brushes for my eye make-up and I did forget a few brushes that I usually use, but these managed to get the job done. 
*I think I may do another post on which brushes I use for my eye-make up*

Anyway, just a little insight in to my getaway make-up bag. What are your must have items for when you go away? 


  1. Loving posts like this :) 

    Aaaaaah I want that Chanel Soleil Tan...... :) 
    Have a nice weekend! :-)

  2. You should definitely treat yourself to the Soleil Tan de Chanel - I love it :) 

    Have a lovely weekend to you too xx

  3. I love the mini Benefit tint things! I'm not a mad lover of Benefit, but i really do get a lot of wear of them! Love high bean and posie tint! they are perfect for travelling on holiday! 

  4. I know, other than my hoola I don't really use anything else-I find it quite expensive really, but these are just brilliant. Hopefully there'll be another mag freebie this year :)xx

  5. In love with lip/cheek tints at the moment!! :) your weekend bag of makeup would probably pass off as mine..


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