Thursday, 5 April 2012


I am sure you're all aware of the Revlon Lip Butters that recently launched in the UK (if not, where have you been?). These have been out in the US for a while now, and after seeing them all over blogs/youtube channels, it was a given that once launched, I would be spending my time stalking my local Boots/Superdrug waiting for their arrival!

Well, what a job I had trying to find these little buggers-I looked all over and ended up getting them from my local store, the one place I chose to look in last thinking there'd be no chance they'd stock them in such a small store, but stock them they did (only 7 of the 14 shades available in the UK, but beggers can't be choosers)!

Now if you don't know what lip butters are, then they're basically a mix between a lipstick and a lip-balm, so they'll give colour but also be moisturising. The colour pay off is very sheer, so do not expect a lipstick type colour otherwise you'll be disappointed. For me, this is perfect-I'm not one for colour on my lips (I should be more adventurous but I'm not unfortunately) so a nice sheer colour is just what I need!

I picked up 3 colours: Peach Parfait [25], Cotton Candy [45] & Strawberry Shortcake [80] - they were on 3 for 2 in Boots (which is actually across pretty much everything at the moment) so I HAD to have 3 and they costs £7.99 each.

L-R: Peach Parfait, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake

I only picked these up on Saturday, so can't really give a full-on review, but my initial thoughts on them are that I like them! I've mentioned before that I'm not good with lipsticks-I have horribly dry lips that, when applied with lipstick just look cakey-and no-one wants to see that on anyone, so the sheerness of these is just perfect. I do think that they're moisturising-they feel lovely when applied. I like the packaging a lot-I like that the colour of the tube is similar to that of the lipstick-makes it a little easier to pick my colour in the morning!

So far so good! What's your thoughts on the lip butters? Worth the hype? I like them, but I'm not sure they are worth the hype that went with them in all honesty! But definitely worth a try if you're in to this kind of thing!


  1. I went in to my local Boots a couple of days after they were launched and was surprised to see all 14 shades in stock! I think these would be great for me, as I have really dry lips too, but I can't help but think that they're a bit pricey for what they are :/

    Frances x

  2. I love the look of these shades, really pretty! I have "Cupcake" and I like it but I'm just not sure I think it's amazing and worth the hype to be honest :/ X

  3. Oh cupcake was on my list but they didn't have it when I bought these :( Yeah, I'm with you on that - I don't think I'll be stocking up on too many! XX

  4. They would be good if you've got dry lips and I'd definitely recommend getting them on the 3for2 offer in boots whilst it's still on so it's not so pricey! I've been looking at the L'Oreal Lip Caresse's too and they look fab-maybe combine the 2 in the 3for2 offer :) XX


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