Sunday, 8 April 2012

I moustache you a question...

Are you fan of moustache's too? I have such a thing for moustache themed items at the moment-since last summer whilst I was away in Oz and we managed to get some moustache props for some pictures, I just seem to be drawn to anything with a moustache-anyone else or is that just me?

My latest addition to my moustache craze is a jumper and I wanted to share with you all as I just love it so much! 

This makes me giggle so much! 

It is a lovely cream jumper from Missguided and was a bargainous price of only £22.99! It's perfect for spring/summer evenings as it's quite a lightweight jumper, so perfect for throwing on during the chilly evenings!

Image taken from the Missguided website

Bit of a silly post really but wanted to share :)


  1. I think I might have a thing for them aswell.. see my blog lol haha x

  2. Oh I love it! How did you get the moustache cursor image-I need that  hehe! XX

  3. I love moustaches :) Even my desktop wallpaper is a gorgeous moustache one!


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