Thursday, 19 April 2012

Neutral Blazer

The blazer trend is all over the place at the moment and I love it! I have plenty of blazers that I have acquired over the years, that I really don't NEED another blazer, but I really wanted a nude/neutral blazer to add to my collection.

I really wanted the Primark blush blazer that Amy posted about, but typically, I couldn't find anything in my local Primark, or any other for that matter. But, whilst perusing my local Matalan, I came across this little beauty!

Matalan - Jersey Blazer Stone
It's a lovely neutral colour with coral turn-ups on the cuffs (they also do it in coral with neutral turn-ups)! I think this will be perfect for the spring/summer (if it bloomin stays that is-what is going on with the weather?)! It's a jersey material but it's not too heavy at all-will be perfect for evening times when it's a bit chillier!
And best of all, it was only £16! Bargain price!


  1. I really love the coral on the cuffs, nuetrals and bright colours are really in style this month so I may be taking a trip to my local Matalan soon;) aha! Great Post and I love your blog:)


  2. Ohh i love this!
    Its georgeous!
    I love the little extra of the coral turn ups! I want one!

  3. Ooh this is lovely, Matalan does have some hidden gems! I love blazers but I don't own one yet :/ I need to get down to Matalan or Primark!

    Frances xx

  4. Thank you very much hun! Definitely get over to Matalan and snap one up-they're a bargain! XX

  5. They do indeed have some hidden gems-I'm always in there having a look! Definitely get yourself down to either Matalan or Primark-they've both got some lovely things in at the moment! XX


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