Monday, 2 April 2012

Weekend #13

Friday: My Friday wasn't as chilled out as usual unfortunately! I spent the evening catching up on last week's Britain's Got Talent waiting for the bf's call to go and pick him up from the station from 'after work drinks'. The text came at 10pm which, I actually thought was quite early, but quickly turned in to a very late night after he fell asleep on the train, missed his stop and ended up miles away, cue me having to drive around to pick up a very drunkered bf! Ah well, we've all done something like that! Luckily, I wasn't too miffed and found it quite hilarious!

Saturday: This morning rewarded me with a very much needed lie-in! It's been a very long week in work and I needed to have some sleep time! After pottering around the house for a bit, I took my pretty new car off to get washed (yeah, I know, I've only had her a week, but trust me, this won't keep up)! Then it was time to pop the gladrags on (or just something fancier than my joggers) and head on out for a Saturday night Curry! We tried a new place and it was delicious, and, I even got a rose from them-definitely returning there!

Sunday: Today was a lovely day! I headed on in to Liverpool to meet up with the lovely Roisin. We've been chatting away for so long on Twitter now and have planned to meet in the past but something always came up but today we finally met in person! I love how being a part of this community has led to making some truly lovely friends and I just hope I can meet many more of you! We had a lovely day mooching around Liverpool - with an obligatory cuppa in the John Lewis cafe a la Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter and a little while in Primark (it is massive)! It really was a lovely day and we already have our next outing planned which I can't wait for!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too and hope this week is a good'un (bank holiday weekend to look forward to YEY!!)

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