Monday, 30 April 2012

Weekend #17

What did you get up to this weekend? I had a very fun filled weekend with so much laughter-my belly muscles hurt I laughed so much! I hope you all had a lovely one!

On to what I got up to...

Friday: Tonight was a busy night! Finished work early (which would usually be a fun thing) but this time, it was to head off back to the car dealers to get some new fog lights (exciting I know) on my pretty little car-she now had shiny new lights and looks even more pretty! Then it was back to my hairdresser friends who was using heated rollers in my hair for the very first time-I'm in search of the perfect way to make beautiful loose curls (by next Sunday I may add)! Once all curled up, it was time to head over to my friends to do last minute list making ready for Hen Party #2 tomorrow night!

Saturday: Up bright and early to go and pick out new carpet for my dressing room (and turns out the lounge too) and then in to town to pick up the items needed to make tonight's Hen Party a brilliant success! If you read last week's post, you'll have read all about the disaster that Hen Party #1 was and we decided that the Bride deserved to have a Hen Party she could actually remember so we planned a night full of delicious food, mocktails, Mr & Mrs, pin the crown on the jewels and so much more! Considering there was no alcohol involved in the night, it was absolutely brilliant - we even had an extremely rude blow up doll, who made for a very dodgy passenger (and gave me multiple heart attacks at the prospect of being pulled over with it in my passenger seat)!

Arrival Drinks (complete with popping candy) - Wedding dress game - Candy Floss - On the way home

Sunday: Today was a day for relaxing - after such a busy weekend, planning, organising and enjoying, it was time to sit back and relax with copious amounts of tea and Crazy, Stupid, Love (I would highly recommend the film & not just to drool over Ryan Gosling for an hour and half)!

All in all, a very busy weekend indeed, and next week won't be much different!

Let me know what you got up to this weekend?


  1. I'm glad to hear that hen #2 was a lot more successful. That mocktail looks amazing! x

  2. Both sounds and looks like u had a great weekend :) I had to work this weekend, so i didnt do anything special..:)


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