Friday, 4 May 2012

Switching up my skincare

Recently, if I'm honest, I've become bored with my current skincare routine, so I decided to have a look around and see what other products were on offer.

Now, I was tempted by the cult products by Liz Eaarle, but, I wanted to give something else a go (and also, because it is all over the place, I didn't want to just follow the crowd).

After browsing around and asking on twitter I decided to give the following products a go:

Bioderma Crealine H20

Now I'm sure we've all heard about this product - and yes, it is a cult product that everyone's talking about, and yes, I did say above that I didn't want to just follow the crowd but, in my defence, I have very sensitive eye area and it reacts to the smallest of things that I really wanted to give this to go and see if it really was as good and as delicate as everyone was saying! A review will follow I'm sure!

Clarins Cleansing Essentials
Cleansing Milk, Toning Lotion & a mini Eye make-up remover

I bought this little set from as it was on offer and worked out a pretty good deal - £19.95 for the set!

First impressions are OK - the smell isn't amazing but all products feel pretty good! I probably won't use the eye make-up remover, I'm not a lover of oil based ones but it'll come in handy when I'm off on my travels I suppose.

I'm still on the hunt for a cleanser that will foam up well with my skinsonic if anyone has any suggestions - I'm leaning towards the Philosophy Purity cleanser after reading so many good reviews on it, but I'm reluctant to fall in love with it due to the price! Any recommendations would be lovely :)

What's your favourite skincare products?

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  1. I use bioderma, im abit like you my eyes dont really like many products! 
    I find it takes my makeup off really well without hurting my eyes or anything! :)


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