Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Weekend #19

Friday: Today was actually a lovely day in work-we had a long lunch and headed off for carvery to start off my birthday celebrations in style! Then, it was time to finish early and head on home to start the weekend off with a few glasses of wine and catch-up on Britain's Got Talent (that's right, how rock and roll)!

Saturday: I spent most of today with one of the besties having such a scrumptious lunch at an amazing bbq smokehouse in Chester-including lots and lots of liquid (non-alcoholic kind)! I'm a sucker for quirky things and I saw some drinks coming out in jam jars and couldn't resist ordering a few of their homemade delights to sample! Then we saw the milkshakes coming out and added that to our liquid lunch too! It was safe to say, we were pretty full up! Then we headed on back to her farm where we played with the lambs and I helped (and when I say helped, I mean sat in the pick-up and shouted instructions) with feeding the cows and calfs-so so cute! Then, it was an early night so I could be fresh faced for my birthday!

Sunday: Today, I turned 26 - I feel so old! I had to purchase my young person's railcard yesterday just so I could get one more year out of it (my current one doesn't expire until October but I wasn't losing out)! The morning started off pretty well with an amazing home cooked breakfast (created by the bf of course) then we chilled out watching the F1 race (again, very rock n roll I know)! Then we headed on out to do some of the family rounds and a lovely picturesque drive in the countryside! We spent the evening down with my parents and little bro having a yummy chinese banquet - obviously I got to choose dinner options! Throughout the day I received some absolutely lovely presents, my favourite being one that came in a little blue box - amazing (the boy did good)!

Monday (I'm adding today in as my weekend was a little extended this week): Today the bf and I headed on out to continue my birthday celebrations (they will be continued for quite some time) and visited Monkey Forest near Stoke-on-Trent! If you ever have the chance to go, I'd highly recommend - it was amazing! The monkeys literally walk around with you! Then, we carried on to Bakewell - I've only recently discovered bakewell tarts in my life and asked if we could visit for a REAL bakewell pudding and disappoint it did not! I was in bakewell heaven! After that, we made our way back home, after stopping in a little country pub for some dinner! By the time we got home we were absolutely shattered - I could sleep for days straight, but I've had a brilliant birthday weekend and can't wait to continue celebrating over the coming weeks! (I ended the weekend on a real high after a sneaky little Mulberry purchase-I'm sure it'll be appearing on here very soon)!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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