Monday, 21 May 2012

Weekend #20

Home-made mint choc ice-cream; Little dude; sneaky peek of my newly decorated dressing room
Friday: And the birthday celebrations continue (I'm telling you, I am going to make the most of this birthday malarky)! Tonight I went out for din dins and good old chin wag with the girlfriend girls (you know, the girlfriends of the bf's friends)! We had such a lovely night and a catch up since one got married the other week-it's so lovely to reminisce, especially when good food is involved!

Saturday: Up bright and early to head down South to catch up with my Uni bestie and my little Godson(to be)! I haven't seen them both in a while & I'm not seeing them again until the end of June, and this time of the little man's life, that is just too long-I'm missing out on so much! We had such a lovely day catching up, pigging out and playing silly games with my little Otto! Once down for the night, we took the opportunity to make home-made ice-cream - mint choc chic and soooooooooo damn tasty!

Sunday: Considering there was a little 9month old man in the house, I managed to get the lie-in I so desperately needed today, followed by a delicious full english brekkie-mmmmmmmmm! Then, it was time to say bye bye and make the journey back up North! I hate living so far away-3 1/2 hours is just not acceptable. My evening was spent pretty much tidying and re-arranging as the bf had been so lovely and laid brand spanking new carpet in my spare room (I think I may do a room tour once I'm finished with all the nic-nacs)!

All in all, a pretty good, chilled out weekend! Didn't get up to much, but it was a fab weekend with lots of fun with friedns - I just love those kinds of weekends! Hope you had a fab week too!

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