Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Weekend #30

With a few busy weekends coming up, I took the opportunity this weekend to sit back and relax and enjoy some time with the puppies before they start to leave :(.
Friday: Tonight, like most people was spent in front of the television watching the Olympic opening ceremony and if I’m completely honest, I didn’t think much to it! I think I’m in the minority, but it was very bizarre – I enjoyed the Queen spoof and Mr Bean’s appearance and the lighting of the flame, but that is pretty much it. I am very much looking forward to watching the Olympics but, I really wasn’t impressed with how the opening ceremony went.
Saturday: Today was a puppy day – lots of playing and snoozing in the sun and lots and lots of cuddles!

Sunday: I spent this afternoon with one of my besties who is due to get married in the New Year, taking pictures for her invitations. She lives on such an idyllic farm, and with her and her fiancé both farmers, they have decided to have personalised invitations of them out and about on the farm! It was a pretty idyllic afternoon wandering around the farm in the glorious sunshine.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend too – I’d love to see your weekend posts if you do them!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weekend #29

Let me start with a small apology that my blog is lacking at the moment – I have been so busy with planning hen do’s/wedding arrangements (not my own) and tending to the puppies that I really only have time to sleep! I missed last week’s weekend post mainly because I just didn’t find the time to do it and secondly, my uni friends came up for the weekend and we really did nothing but play with the puppies, gossip and drink – brilliant weekend, but not much to write home about!

Anyway, on to this weekend and the antics that came with it...

Friday: After finishing work a little earlier than usual, I headed off to my beauty salon, and had false eyelashes applied for the very first time (and last time). They looked lovely; don’t get me wrong, but for someone who rubs their eyes constantly, not good at all! Then the bf and I headed out for a lovely meal together before I headed off for a weekend with the girls.

Saturday: Today was a very early start – I was awake from 5am panicking that I hadn’t sorted everything or no-one was going to enjoy themselves (sometimes it’s not good being the organiser) but the morning started after picking all the girls up and off we went to the bride-to-be’s to get her blindfolded ready for her hen weekend to begin. We started with a bit of a pamper session getting our nails done, then headed off on a road trip to Liverpool for the full activities to begin!
Once in Liverpool, we jumped on the Yellow Duckmarine for a tour around the City and a float around the docks (would definitely recommend) before heading off to the hotel  to get ourselves ready for our cocktail making session! Once suitably full of cocktails, we headed off for a night of dancing down Matthew Street!

Sunday: After an early morning pitstop at Frankie & Benny’s for mountains of breakfast and tea on tap, we headed off to the outskirts of Liverpool to Crosby for our final activity, Wowballs (I know them as Water Walkerz). This was so much fun – I would highly recommend doing it, spent most of the time inside the thing lying on my back laughing my head off! Has anyone ever done this? It really was a brilliant way to end a fantastic hen weekend!

I hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed the start of our summer (finally)! Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Weekend #27

So last weekend was a long weekend for me - I had Thursday & Friday off work and headed down to London to spend time with the girls! 

Thursday: After an early morning train to get in to the London at a reasonable time, I met up with one of the girls and we spent the afternoon enjoying afternoon tea (which I used my groupon voucher that I received) and had a pretty lovely afternoon! With my fish allergy (actually, it's a phobia but I tell places it's an allergy, I don't think they'd actually be that bothered because it sounds utterly bonkers) and the fact my friend is a coeliac, we actually had our own individual afternoon tea tiers (whilst everyone else around had to share between 2) so we pretty much stuffed our faces full of delicious treats and enough tea to sink a ship! 
Then, to make ourselves feel less gulity, we took a trip across Kensington Gardens - boy that place is LOOOONG, or I'm just incredibly unfit (likely it's more the latter)! We had a lovely afternoon and the weather was just perfect! Then it was off to crash for the night, ready for a very very early morning! 

Friday: Our early morning wake-up call happened at 5:15am so that we could get our arses across London to join the queue for Wimbledon! Me and one of the girls went last year and had such a fantastic day, we decided to convince the others to join us this year! The weather could have been better (for the morning part anyway) but the sun made an appearance just as Murray came out to play! We had such a fantastic day filled with prosecco, strawberries and a picnic-can't wait for next year!

Saturday: Most of today was spent chilling out after a string of early mornings before catching the train back up North to home! Really wasn't the most fascinating day - the highlight was probably my Nando's takeaway for the train journey home (I don't have one near me so it's a novelty when I get the chance to do takeaway)!

Sunday: Today was spent catching up with my little puppies - after a few days away, I couldn't wait to get back and see them - in just a few days they have already started to change! 

I hope you all had a fab weekend too and are enjoying the week! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A PUPPY update

WARNING: This post WILL be picture heavy!

If you follow me on instagram, then I apologise if you're bored already of puppy pictures, but I wanted to share some pictures of the puppies over the last few weeks.

They have just turned 3 weeks old today and have really started to develop personalities. They're all starting to play fight with each other and have found some kind of bark - it's adorable listening and watching them play!

Anyway, on to the pictures!

p.s. follow me on instagram for daily uploads of puppies :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Day 1: Morning, Day 2: Empty, Day 3: On your plate, Day 4: Close, Day 5: Sign, Day 6: Hat, Day 7: Drink; Day 8: 6 o clock, Day 9: Your view today, Day 10: Best bit of your weekend, Day 11: Door, Day 12: From a low angle; Day 13: Art; Day 14: (feeding) Time, Day 15: Yellow, Day 16: Out and About, Day 17: In your bag, Day 18: Something we don't know about you (I carry a golf ball in my bag for physio on the go), Day 19: Imperfect, Day 20: Fave photo you've ever taken (one of); Day 21: Where you slept (at the parents), Day 22: From a high angle, Day 23: Movement, Day 24: On your mind, Day 25: Something cute, Day 26: Where you shop; Day 27: Bathroom, Day 28: On the shelf, Day 29: Soft,
Day 30: A Friend (on her wedding day)

Weekend #26

This weekend was a tiring but very good one - I didn't really get up to that much other than attend my best friends wedding over in Oz but via the wonders of technology in the comfort of her parents home here in North Wales.

I have known my bestie since I was 3 and it broke my heart to know that I wouldn't be able to attend her special day. But, thanks to the wonders of skype ad the loveliness of her friends over there (who walked around with an iPad capturing the day), her family and friends were able to be there for every part of her special day. It was such a lovely ceremony and I am so happy for her and her new partner - I was lucky enough to meet him last year when I visited her in Sydney and they're such a lovely couple!

Don't you just love a 'happy ever after'!