Sunday, 1 July 2012


Day 1: Morning, Day 2: Empty, Day 3: On your plate, Day 4: Close, Day 5: Sign, Day 6: Hat, Day 7: Drink; Day 8: 6 o clock, Day 9: Your view today, Day 10: Best bit of your weekend, Day 11: Door, Day 12: From a low angle; Day 13: Art; Day 14: (feeding) Time, Day 15: Yellow, Day 16: Out and About, Day 17: In your bag, Day 18: Something we don't know about you (I carry a golf ball in my bag for physio on the go), Day 19: Imperfect, Day 20: Fave photo you've ever taken (one of); Day 21: Where you slept (at the parents), Day 22: From a high angle, Day 23: Movement, Day 24: On your mind, Day 25: Something cute, Day 26: Where you shop; Day 27: Bathroom, Day 28: On the shelf, Day 29: Soft,
Day 30: A Friend (on her wedding day)


  1. Love this, I wish I remembered to take photos every day! xx

  2. pocketdreams863 July 2012 at 18:37

    Aww I tried it last year but failed within the first month, but I'm loving it so far-3 months down! It's so lovely to look back on what's happened throughout the month! Give it a go again :) XX


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