Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weekend #29

Let me start with a small apology that my blog is lacking at the moment – I have been so busy with planning hen do’s/wedding arrangements (not my own) and tending to the puppies that I really only have time to sleep! I missed last week’s weekend post mainly because I just didn’t find the time to do it and secondly, my uni friends came up for the weekend and we really did nothing but play with the puppies, gossip and drink – brilliant weekend, but not much to write home about!

Anyway, on to this weekend and the antics that came with it...

Friday: After finishing work a little earlier than usual, I headed off to my beauty salon, and had false eyelashes applied for the very first time (and last time). They looked lovely; don’t get me wrong, but for someone who rubs their eyes constantly, not good at all! Then the bf and I headed out for a lovely meal together before I headed off for a weekend with the girls.

Saturday: Today was a very early start – I was awake from 5am panicking that I hadn’t sorted everything or no-one was going to enjoy themselves (sometimes it’s not good being the organiser) but the morning started after picking all the girls up and off we went to the bride-to-be’s to get her blindfolded ready for her hen weekend to begin. We started with a bit of a pamper session getting our nails done, then headed off on a road trip to Liverpool for the full activities to begin!
Once in Liverpool, we jumped on the Yellow Duckmarine for a tour around the City and a float around the docks (would definitely recommend) before heading off to the hotel  to get ourselves ready for our cocktail making session! Once suitably full of cocktails, we headed off for a night of dancing down Matthew Street!

Sunday: After an early morning pitstop at Frankie & Benny’s for mountains of breakfast and tea on tap, we headed off to the outskirts of Liverpool to Crosby for our final activity, Wowballs (I know them as Water Walkerz). This was so much fun – I would highly recommend doing it, spent most of the time inside the thing lying on my back laughing my head off! Has anyone ever done this? It really was a brilliant way to end a fantastic hen weekend!

I hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed the start of our summer (finally)! Have a good week everyone!

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