Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Weekend #33

Friday: A half day today followed by a long journey down South to stay with friends for the weekend! We left at the wrong time unfortunately and managed to hit traffic on every motorway we got on, but it was lovely weather and we got to make the most of driving with the roof down (and a pitstop at Snugbury's for the best ice-cream every)! We stayed with one of the bf's friends who was house-sitting at his Uncle's farm for the weekend and what a glorious weekend to do it-perfect countryside in perfect weather!

Saturday: Our morning started early (an overexcited puppy and a field full of sheep he wanted to get to equaled a very noisy morning) so the boys headed off to the butchers to get all the meat for the evening's BBQ. Once back, preparation began (apparently the meat needed ALL day to cook) so us girls headed off to Biscester Village! This was my first visit and I was very impressed! I loved the surroundings, the choice of shops, even the ice-cream stall was amazing! I think I'll definietly be convincing other friends who live nearby that we must visit again!
Back home to see what the boys had produced and they definitely did us proud-beef brisket and pulled pork that just melted in the mouth!

Sunday: Today was travel home day - it's the worst part of going away for the weekend travelling home. Living so far away from friends means that most of the day is spent in a car travelling so that was pretty much it for my Sunday!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - very much looking forward to the bank holiday weekend we have coming up!

Puppy Update: Just thought I'd drop in a quick puppy update - all pups have now sold and we just have little Baxter and Maisy who are ours for keeps! The last 2 we had to sell went this weekend (whilst I was away and didn't get chance to say a proper goodbye) so the house can now return to a normal home rather than a puppy creche!

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