Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What's in my bag - Updated

‘What’s in my bag’ – who doesn't love one of these. I for one am a nosey little madam and love seeing other peoples posts on this so I thought why not (and I've seen they’re doing the rounds recently so figured I would jump on the bandwagon)!

So, on to my bag – isn't it lovely? I’m sure you've seen it around, but it’s a Primark special (it’s very recent so you may still be able to get your mitts on it too). I love big bags, the bigger the better I say! I bought this because my previous bag was falling to pieces and because the bf said it was too big and had to get rid of it, so I did and got a bigger bag – that’ll teach him to tell me to get a smaller bag!

On to its contents, and there’s quite a bit. I’m not the only girl surely who carries around her life in her handbag, am I? I’m known as the girl that carries a bag inside a bag inside a bag – please tell me someone else has one of these too?

First of all I have these bits & bobs floating around - my purse, camera, sunglasses, my scarf and my lovely Raadley bag (in Wales they charge you for shopping bags now, even clothes shopping so I always carry a bag).

In the main compartment of the bag I have another little bag (I sound mental with all these bags) which has some essentials as you can see.This is fantastic for keeping my bag organised – it has lots of little compartments so I know exactly where something is (except for the few occasions where I just throw it back in my bag and don’t actually put it in its rightful place)!

Below is the contents of the little bag - the minnie bag has a few make-up essentials, my model mirror etc. 

And finally, my ipad-since getting this little thing I haven't let go (pretty sad I know and I'm sure I'll get bored soon, but not just yet)!

Well I hope you enjoyed having a peek inside my bag - it's a whole lotta stuff to carry around! What's inside yours I wonder? 


  1. Your bag is gorgeous. I was not expecting you to say that it was from Primark!:)

    1. I know - I couldn't believe how lovely it was! I'm thinking of picking up another because I'm not expecting it last forever but would like to keep on using it hehe! XX

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