Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Achats pharmacie française

I couldn't go to France and not visit one of the pharmacies, and much to the bf's despair, that actually turned in to many pharmacies - they are everywhere! I became a little obsessed with spotting them, and as they are everywhere, it turned a little annoying!

To be honest, I wasn't very well organised and didn't have a plan of what I wanted to pick up-having sensitive skin, I am always a little weary of new skincare products so stuck to what I know and opted for these:

Well, I couldn't well go to France and not pick up some Bioderma lets face it! I've been using bioderma for a while now and like most others, absolutely love it! I really don't know where I would be without it and can't even remember what I did before it. (I love the little bottle and took me quite a few pharmacies to find this but I was determined).

I also picked up the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre after a few suggested it was a must - I haven't yet given it a go, but will be sure to let you know when I do! 

What are your favourite french skincare products?

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