Saturday, 27 October 2012

I love a good mini

I do - I love miniatures of products, I hope I'm not the only one? I have no idea what it is about them, but whenever there's a mini version of something I use/like then it's got to be mine!

Instyle magazine last month had Benefit mini freebies - either a Benetint, Cha Cha Tint or Sunbeam (4ml) and I was most definitely an eager beaver at my local tesco when the new edition was out ready to get my grubby little mitts on them - and just to top it off, Instyle was on offer in Tesco so it was only £2.50 rather than £3.80 (bargain alert)!

I didn't bother with the benetint - I already have one and to be honest, don't use it that much, but Cha Cha tint and Sunbeam were musts for me-I've been dying to try them for ages and what better way to do than shell out a fortune on the full size versions!

I love the cha cha tint - what's not to love about all things coral and it's very much a welcome addition my mini's collection! I'm still working with sunbeam-not sure about it just yet (I think I may of overdone it when I first used it so will give it another go)!

My little benefit mini collection - I also have back-ups of all these too :)

Do you collect miniatures too? Let me know if you've managed to get one too and if you like them!


  1. i freaking love free benefit miniatures! I now have benetint, high beam, cha, cha tint, that gal primer (which i always forget to use) a mini bad gal mascara, full size concealer and bad gal eyeliner pencils.

    wow it sounds like i am addicted teehee, they are just so good, the cha cha tint is my new favourite thing, such a lovely colour! i paid £3.80 for it as i missed the offer but i think i will use it a lot so its all good!

    josie x

    1. Ah I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves the benefit mini's :) Ah 'That Gal' primer is the one I couldn't get my mitts on this summer-definitely mine next time round! Thanks for the comment hun :) XX


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