Thursday, 25 October 2012

Weekend #42

My very late weekend update (sorry)!

Friday: It was a rock n roll Friday evening for me – the other half tricked me and said we could have chippy dinner (brilliant I thought) but followed it with ‘as long as we finish the decorating’. Ah well you can’t win them all! So that was my Friday evening, dressed up in old joggers and a very old BCM promotional t-shirt with paint everywhere (I would definitely not make a good painter/decorator)!

Saturday: A very relaxed morning/afternoon puppy sitting – it tends to occupy at least one day a weekend these days but they’re so adorable, I can’t resist!
The evening was spent celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday - this is the first 30th in the group (I still have a few years yet to get to that milestone) so we had lots of yummy food and lots of drink!

Sunday: A slight bad head this morning (the after effects of cheap wine I guess) but it was up and out to hit the shops for some home shopping (actually my favourite kind of shopping to be honest. I love interior shopping) with a quick pit-stop at McDonald’s for my hangover cure!

All in all it was a pretty good weekend – very much looking forward to a much more chilled out weekend next week!

Hope you all had fun too!

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