Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weekend #43

Saturday: Today was a pretty mundane day, I'm making the most of weekends at home right now because one November is here, I seem to be busy pretty much all the time so today was a day to give the car a bath (boy was it in need of it) and potter runs the garden before the ring weather sets in for winter!
The evening was taken up by a box full of take-away (we ordered so much that a bag just wouldn't cut it) for my little bro's 15th birthday-his birthday was actually on Wednesday but we spent that evening watching Michael McIntyre who was so so funny!

Sunday: An extra hour in bed-who can argue with that before getting ready for a girlie day out with the lovely Roisin! We went & said hello to my little pupstars before heading in to Chester for a Primark hit & some yummy yummy food! It was so lovely to catch up.
I'm now tucked up at home with a cuppa in my new Minnie Mouse onesie (a la Corrie)-Perfect!

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