Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn/Winter Essentials: Part #1

So, as it is bloody freezing these days and winter is pretty much here already I thought I'd pop down some of the essentials that I can't live without at this time of the year.

A bit of sunshine:
At this time of the year, other than taking a trip somewhere lovely & warm, we will not be seeing the sun very much so it's pretty much a necessesity to dabble with some fake tan! I'm no expert when it comes to fake tan, I've only really dabbled with gradual tanners in the past but during 2012 I have fallen in love with Xen-tan and would highly recommend for a beautiful golden tan (I've been using the Deep Bronze Luxe weekly self tan).

No with fake-tannig, a must is exfoliating. I would have to say my favourite is the Soap & Glory Breaksfast Scrub - it smells amazing, like most S&P products. One of the main reasons I love this particular scrub is that it's not too harsh on the skin-it give a good enough scrub but it doesn't rip your skin to shreds!

Body lotions:
Now I'm really lazy when it comes to body lotions (slaps wrist) but when I do remember, I tend to use body butters-I don't actually rate the body shop ones to be honest especially for the price so I just grab the cheap alternatives from places like home bargains/savers-do pretty much the same!

I'm thinking of investing in a body oil-my thinking is that I can pop that one straight out the shower and don't have to wait around to dry etc (I'm such a lazy person)! If you have any you'd recommend let me know.

p.s Don't forget to check out part 2!


  1. I loveee both the Soap & Glory products, a body oil sounds good too though! xo

    1. Thanks for the comment lovely-the S&P products just smell amazing don't they-absolutely love having them in my stash :) XX


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