Thursday, 31 May 2012


Day 1: Peace; Day 2: Skyline; Day 3: Something you wore today; Day 4: Fun!; Day 5: Bird; 
Day 6: You; Day 7: Someone that inspires you; Day 8: A smell you adore; Day 9: Something you do everyday; Day 10: A favourite word; 
Day 11: Kitchen; Day 12: Something thta makes you happy; Day 13: Mum; Day 14: Grass; Day 15: Love;
Day 16: What you're reading; Day 17: Snack; Day 18: Something you made; Day 19: A favourite place; Day 20: Something you can't live without; 
Day 22: Pink; Day 24: Something New; Day 25: Unusual; Day 26: 12 o'clock; Day 27: Something Sweet;
Day 28: The weather today; Day 19: A Number; Day 30: Your personality; Day 31: Something beautiful

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Weekend #21

Friday: Today was a day off for me-I decided it was about time I took a day off to do just nothing, but, it never works like that does it?! I spent the majority of my day indoors (rather than out in the glorious weather we've been having) wedding planning as one of my best friends announced her engagement last Tuesday (to say I'm excited is an understatement)! And, as if one bestie getting married wasn't enough, my bestie out in Oz and I had a skype session where she announced she too was engaged! Far too much for my emotions to cope with in such a short space of time! The rest of the day was spent recovering from the all the news and enjoying the sun!

Saturday: Up early and off I traveled in to the hills of North Wales to find of THE most picturesque farms I've ever been to so that my little doggie could be scanned to check if all was ok with her little puppies! In about 2 weeks time, there will be 7 little labrador puppies with us - it's going to be manic! Once finished there, it was time to head on off to see the bestie and share a glass of champers to celebrate her fantastic news!

Sunday: More wedding stuff (I think my life may become consumed by wedding related events for a while as she's getting married so soon) with the bestie as we headed off to her first wedding fayre! The evening was spent with family enjoying the rest of my long weekend before the dreaded work in the morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy the weather! Fingers crossed it's here for the bank holiday weekend too!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

REVIEW: Bioderma Crealine H2O

If you haven't heard of the Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleansing Solution, then where have you been? It has taken the blogging world by storm and has been all over the place recently.

I first heard about it some time ago on the lovely Lisa Eldridge's channel but decided recently that I just had to try it after reading so many raving reviews.

Well, here's another!

Basically, this is a very gentle make-up remover which consists of oils held in water molecules. I've had this now for a few weeks and have used it everyday since and have fallen in love! I use it in the morning as a quick refresher- I'm very lazy you see and I really don't have a skincare routine in the mornings *slaps wrist* but I've found this to be a perfect wake-me up in the mornings. I then use it again in the evenings to take off my make-up before I do the whole cleanse,tone & moisturise.

I have normal to dry skin-it's mainly normal but I do suffer with the odd dry patch every now and then (like right now) and I've found that it works really well for me. I haven't had any issues with it drying out my skin or anything like that. I bought the fragrance free version (there are other versions available by Bioderma) which is perfect for me - I have been known to have reactions in the past to fragranced products.

I think the thing I love most about this is the simplicity of it all - it really does make taking my make-up off just so easy! And it's rather refreshing I find - a good wipe of this in the mornings and I'm ready to go!

Now, getting hold of this here in the UK is a little tricky-as you'll probably be aware, it's a french product and at present, is not available here. So, unless you're visiting France any time soon (and if you are, I'd recommend stocking up) then places like Ebay etc seem to be the obvious choice. I purchased mine via a website called Le Guide Sante and bought a duo pack (2x 500ml bottles). Including postage, it came to around £24, which works out about £12 per bottle - not bad when most places are around £16.

Have you tried this? What's your thoughts on it?

Monday, 21 May 2012

Weekend #20

Home-made mint choc ice-cream; Little dude; sneaky peek of my newly decorated dressing room
Friday: And the birthday celebrations continue (I'm telling you, I am going to make the most of this birthday malarky)! Tonight I went out for din dins and good old chin wag with the girlfriend girls (you know, the girlfriends of the bf's friends)! We had such a lovely night and a catch up since one got married the other week-it's so lovely to reminisce, especially when good food is involved!

Saturday: Up bright and early to head down South to catch up with my Uni bestie and my little Godson(to be)! I haven't seen them both in a while & I'm not seeing them again until the end of June, and this time of the little man's life, that is just too long-I'm missing out on so much! We had such a lovely day catching up, pigging out and playing silly games with my little Otto! Once down for the night, we took the opportunity to make home-made ice-cream - mint choc chic and soooooooooo damn tasty!

Sunday: Considering there was a little 9month old man in the house, I managed to get the lie-in I so desperately needed today, followed by a delicious full english brekkie-mmmmmmmmm! Then, it was time to say bye bye and make the journey back up North! I hate living so far away-3 1/2 hours is just not acceptable. My evening was spent pretty much tidying and re-arranging as the bf had been so lovely and laid brand spanking new carpet in my spare room (I think I may do a room tour once I'm finished with all the nic-nacs)!

All in all, a pretty good, chilled out weekend! Didn't get up to much, but it was a fab weekend with lots of fun with friedns - I just love those kinds of weekends! Hope you had a fab week too!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My first

Have you ever made a purchase where you just have to write about it straight away! Well I got that item today!

As I mentioned in my last weekend post, with some of my birthday money, I decided to treat myself to my first every Mulberry purchase and I am in love!

My purchase was the Tamara scarf in Oak - and it is lovely! I have never been so excited by a package! I have had my eye on this scarf since Sarah posted about her purchase back in February and have nearly purchased on so many occasions. I decided to opt for the Oak, a beautiful dusky taupe colour with the iconic Mulberry tree print! I am so happy with my purchase and can't wait to wear it (other than sat on the sofa where I've been all night with it) and to be honest, I think this was quite reasonably priced for a Mulberry product.

 Could the box have been any bigger for a scarf!

(Please excuse the setting-I'm redecorating my room)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Weekend #19

Friday: Today was actually a lovely day in work-we had a long lunch and headed off for carvery to start off my birthday celebrations in style! Then, it was time to finish early and head on home to start the weekend off with a few glasses of wine and catch-up on Britain's Got Talent (that's right, how rock and roll)!

Saturday: I spent most of today with one of the besties having such a scrumptious lunch at an amazing bbq smokehouse in Chester-including lots and lots of liquid (non-alcoholic kind)! I'm a sucker for quirky things and I saw some drinks coming out in jam jars and couldn't resist ordering a few of their homemade delights to sample! Then we saw the milkshakes coming out and added that to our liquid lunch too! It was safe to say, we were pretty full up! Then we headed on back to her farm where we played with the lambs and I helped (and when I say helped, I mean sat in the pick-up and shouted instructions) with feeding the cows and calfs-so so cute! Then, it was an early night so I could be fresh faced for my birthday!

Sunday: Today, I turned 26 - I feel so old! I had to purchase my young person's railcard yesterday just so I could get one more year out of it (my current one doesn't expire until October but I wasn't losing out)! The morning started off pretty well with an amazing home cooked breakfast (created by the bf of course) then we chilled out watching the F1 race (again, very rock n roll I know)! Then we headed on out to do some of the family rounds and a lovely picturesque drive in the countryside! We spent the evening down with my parents and little bro having a yummy chinese banquet - obviously I got to choose dinner options! Throughout the day I received some absolutely lovely presents, my favourite being one that came in a little blue box - amazing (the boy did good)!

Monday (I'm adding today in as my weekend was a little extended this week): Today the bf and I headed on out to continue my birthday celebrations (they will be continued for quite some time) and visited Monkey Forest near Stoke-on-Trent! If you ever have the chance to go, I'd highly recommend - it was amazing! The monkeys literally walk around with you! Then, we carried on to Bakewell - I've only recently discovered bakewell tarts in my life and asked if we could visit for a REAL bakewell pudding and disappoint it did not! I was in bakewell heaven! After that, we made our way back home, after stopping in a little country pub for some dinner! By the time we got home we were absolutely shattered - I could sleep for days straight, but I've had a brilliant birthday weekend and can't wait to continue celebrating over the coming weeks! (I ended the weekend on a real high after a sneaky little Mulberry purchase-I'm sure it'll be appearing on here very soon)!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Tea for two & GIVEAWAY

Who's a tea lover? Come on, hands up, who's with me? I adore it-my day isn't complete without a good few cuppa's in it and one of my all time faviourite past times is going for 'afternoon tea'!

I have posted a few times about my encounters at various places for afternoon tea, and as much as I love it, I'm not quite sure I'd pay full price for it. I've always gone through voucher sites where the experience is heavily discounted, which means you can treat yourself to a fantastic deal, at a fraction of the price. 

Now the lovely people at Groupon contacted me to see if I wanted to partner up and try out one of their deals (of my choice) and I decided to take them up on the offer and treat myself, once again to a fancy 'afternoon tea for two'. 

I'm sure you've all heard about Groupon, but if not, it's basically a website that features daily offers, be it beauty related, weekends away, carpet cleaning, so many things based on location. When you register, you choose a City and you'll receive daily emails with the deals that are in your choice of City that day.
I have used Groupon many times in the past for various things; afternoon tea; cinema tickets; weekends away and many other things, and have never had any problems. I'm actually signed up to about 5 City's - you never know when something good comes up you see!

I chose a deal (this one) based down in London (yes I know, I live in North Wales) which for me, makes the whole experience that little extra special as I get to visit the City and also treat myself-perfect! I will be treating myself, and another to a lovely afternoon tea session at the Hyde Park Hotel! It looks so lovely, I just cannot wait (I'm sure there'll be a post when I've done it with lots of pictures)!

Now, as well as offering me the chance to review one of their deals, I am also going to hold a giveaway for one of you lovely readers to win a £10 voucher for you to use against a deal of your choice from the Groupon website.

To enter, I'd love to hear what your 'perfect' deal would be - what would you love to see on the Groupon site (one entry per person please)! Along with your 'perfect deal', please leave me a contact email/twitter name so I can get in touch and let you know if you've won! Entries need to be in by midnight on 8th June so that gives you plenty of time to get your thinking caps on and entries in! I'll be using to choose the winner!

Can't wait to hear all your perfect deals!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Weekend #18

Friday: Tonight was a busy night for me, preening myself for a wedding on Sunday - the evening consisted of fake tanning/teeth whitening/facials - the works! I love nights like this where I can just play with new products and treat myself!

Saturday: Early morning for me to pick up the Bride-to-be to get our wedding nails done and pick up last minute bits for the big day! It was such a lovely day-I took along some Twinings tea and croissants to start the morning off and our beautician had a sign up to welcome us along with cupcakes and bucks fizz-so so sweet!

Nails: bubblegum pink with a glitter coated ring finger, Toes: Coral pink with crystal toes - LOVE IT!

After a morning/afternoon at the beauticians, I headed back home to chill & spend the evening with the final Britains Got Talent auditions and another fake tan sesh - I can't tell you how much I love Xen-Tan! Would highly recommend!

Sunday: Today, was wedding day and what a beautiful day it was! The weather was gorgeous and everything was just perfect! I'm going to let the pictures below do all the talking!

Monday: As you can imagine, today has been a bit of a write-off! After a late night last night, it was a very deserved lie-in this morning followed by a day of doing nothing (except emptying out my dressing room ready for decorating-cannot wait to see the finished product and share with you guys)!

I hope you've all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend and got up to lots of fun! I cannot wait until next weekend - it's another long weekend for me as it's my birthday...YEY!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Switching up my skincare

Recently, if I'm honest, I've become bored with my current skincare routine, so I decided to have a look around and see what other products were on offer.

Now, I was tempted by the cult products by Liz Eaarle, but, I wanted to give something else a go (and also, because it is all over the place, I didn't want to just follow the crowd).

After browsing around and asking on twitter I decided to give the following products a go:

Bioderma Crealine H20

Now I'm sure we've all heard about this product - and yes, it is a cult product that everyone's talking about, and yes, I did say above that I didn't want to just follow the crowd but, in my defence, I have very sensitive eye area and it reacts to the smallest of things that I really wanted to give this to go and see if it really was as good and as delicate as everyone was saying! A review will follow I'm sure!

Clarins Cleansing Essentials
Cleansing Milk, Toning Lotion & a mini Eye make-up remover

I bought this little set from as it was on offer and worked out a pretty good deal - £19.95 for the set!

First impressions are OK - the smell isn't amazing but all products feel pretty good! I probably won't use the eye make-up remover, I'm not a lover of oil based ones but it'll come in handy when I'm off on my travels I suppose.

I'm still on the hunt for a cleanser that will foam up well with my skinsonic if anyone has any suggestions - I'm leaning towards the Philosophy Purity cleanser after reading so many good reviews on it, but I'm reluctant to fall in love with it due to the price! Any recommendations would be lovely :)

What's your favourite skincare products?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Now, I'm sure you've seen the #photoaday.... challenge or Project 365 before well here's my attempt!

I decided after seeing Victoria's #photoadaymarch that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and start joining in too and I can honestly say, I've really enjoyed it! Yes, I know it's April and I've missed a few months - but I think I'm going to try and keep this up for the rest of the year, and do a final post at the end of the month with all the pictures taken!

There were a few that I didn't get either because I just couldn't or I forgot but I don't think I did too badly for my first attempt!

Day 1: Your reflection; Day 2: Colour; Day 3: Mail; Day 4: Someone who makes you happy; Day 5: Tiny; Day 6: Lunch; Day 7: Shadow ; Day 8 Inside your wallet; Day 9: Younger you; Day 10: Cold; Day 12: Stairs; Day 13: Something you found; Day 14: How you feel today; Day 15: Sunset; Day 16: Flower; Day 18: Hair; Day 19: Orange; Day 20: Something you drew; Day 21: Bottle; Day 22: The last thing you bought; Day 23: Vegetable; Day 24: Something you're grateful for; Day 25: Looking down; Day 26: Black & White; Day 27: Somewhere you went; Day 28: 1pm; Day 29: Circle

P.S. If you want to follow my #photoaday as I go along you can on instagram or, if you want to join in yourself, I follow Chantelle's posts here!

Link me to your #photoaday posts if you've done one!