Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weekend #46 & #47

So, this week has been absolutely shattering and far too busy for my liking - which meant that I didn't get chance to upload my weekend post from the shenanigans that I got up to last weekend so I thought, seeing as this weekend was such a let down, I would do a 2 for 1 (you lucky, lucky people)!

Last weekend I made the very long trip down to the South West to spend the weekend with my lovely friends to celebrate a 30th birthday! There was 15 of us in total and we hired a lovely little cottage complex for a weekend full of yummy food, lots and lots of laughter and feeding the ducks (they were probably sick of eating by the time we left)!

Beautiful cottage complex (including hot-tub)
Feeding time (most amazing feeding contraption)
Beautiful evening 

This weekend was slightly different - I had to work on Saturday (not fun at all after a weekend of being here there and everywhere with work) which meant that I pretty much did nothing else other than walk my little puppies. Sunday was pretty much spent curled up on the sofa watching a spectacular final F1 race, making homemade ice cream for the first time and eating lots and lots of comfort food (can you tell I'm tired and feeling sorry for myself?)

Begging me not to take her out in the rain - Home-made ice cream in the making - Comfort food

Anyway, I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend and have a very good week to come (the one thing keeping me going is the fact that there's only 3 1/2 weeks left in work until I finish for Christmas-YAY)!

p.s. I thought I'd leave you with a little treat of the duckies being fed - I was fascinated with the feeding system they had :) 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Autumn/Winter Essentials Part #2

So on to part 2 of my essentials during the colder months...

Moisturiser/facial oil:
My skin type is pretty normal with the odd dry patch just either side of my nose (just under the eyes) so I tend to use moisturisers quite a bit. I'm currently switch between the Embryolisse Lait Creme ConcentreClinique Moisture Surge & Liz Earle Superskin moisturiser. This year, I've also jumped on the facial oil bandwagon-being the cheap ass that I am, I grabbed the Botanics facial oil as it was pretty cheap & I really like it so for now, I'm happy to stick with it. I love using a facial oil, I feel like in really treating my skin with it-I tend to rub in a few drops just before bed and let it sink in overnight which leave me with lovely plump skin when I wake up!

Lip balm:
I struggle all year round with dry lips so a good lip balm is a must for me. I have tried so many over the years; Vaseline, Carmex, Burts Bees etc etc but I would have to say my favourite has got to be Blistex MedPlus!

Hand cream:
Weirdly, I only suffer with dryness on my hands on my right thumb & index finger-nowhere else! But, I still use hand cream throughout the day (all year round) and my current favourites are the Soap & Glory hand food (smells divine) & L'occitane hand cream (I am currently using the Cherry Princess one which I was given as a gift).

Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend #45 (photo heavy)

This weekend was one of my besties hen party down in the big smoke (London). The weekend was full of far too much alcohol (as required), lots of laughter, cocktail making, DREAMBOYS, failed dirty dancing lift attempt (resulting in a bloody nose), early mornings and lots of train/tube travel!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and the Bride to Be had a brilliant time! 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn/Winter Essentials: Part #1

So, as it is bloody freezing these days and winter is pretty much here already I thought I'd pop down some of the essentials that I can't live without at this time of the year.

A bit of sunshine:
At this time of the year, other than taking a trip somewhere lovely & warm, we will not be seeing the sun very much so it's pretty much a necessesity to dabble with some fake tan! I'm no expert when it comes to fake tan, I've only really dabbled with gradual tanners in the past but during 2012 I have fallen in love with Xen-tan and would highly recommend for a beautiful golden tan (I've been using the Deep Bronze Luxe weekly self tan).

No with fake-tannig, a must is exfoliating. I would have to say my favourite is the Soap & Glory Breaksfast Scrub - it smells amazing, like most S&P products. One of the main reasons I love this particular scrub is that it's not too harsh on the skin-it give a good enough scrub but it doesn't rip your skin to shreds!

Body lotions:
Now I'm really lazy when it comes to body lotions (slaps wrist) but when I do remember, I tend to use body butters-I don't actually rate the body shop ones to be honest especially for the price so I just grab the cheap alternatives from places like home bargains/savers-do pretty much the same!

I'm thinking of investing in a body oil-my thinking is that I can pop that one straight out the shower and don't have to wait around to dry etc (I'm such a lazy person)! If you have any you'd recommend let me know.

p.s Don't forget to check out part 2!