Friday, 27 December 2013

363 sleeps to go...

And then it was gone...Christmas is now over for another year! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sad-I love this time of year and it seems to have just come and go so quickly this year. 

I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family and ate far too much food - I will be disappointed if that didn't happen because I for one most definitely had my fair share, and some! 

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my favourite presents that I was lucky enough to receive this year.

*Disclaimer - I am by no means showing off - I love to read these kinds of posts because I'm a nosey so & so, so thought I'd share my little bits with you*

As I've mentioned in a previous post, the other half and I went to London for our Christmas present to each other so we only had a few small bits to open on Christmas day and I mainly got money off family but here we go with my favourite picks...

I was really difficult this year for all my family as I just didn't know what I wanted so I gave no help whatsoever (hence why I mainly got money) but the one thing I asked for was a good pair of tan leather boots and here they are. They are from Clarks and are currently in the sale (we did actually buy them full price but on Christmas Eve, I spotted them in the sale so we took back the full priced ones and bought them again at half the price)!

Stackers Jewellery Box - I love these, basically, you buy one with a lid (like the one I got) then you can buy ones that stack underneath with different inserts for your jewellery - kind of like muji boxes but for jewellery). 

And finally, probably my favourite thing....the Paul & Joe Make-up bag! I love this so much-combining what is essentially a filofax & a make-up bag, just amazing! I am away next week so cannot wait to start using it! 

I got the usual toilettries, yankee candles and pj's but these were a few of my favourite picks! 

Hope you all got lots of lovely gifts, whatever they were and had a wonderful Christmas! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Christmas came early for me last week when the OH and me headed off down South for a couple of days aways for Christmas! I mentioned a couple of posts ago, that rather than buy presents that we don't actually need, we decided to go away for a couple of days, just the two of us!

We had a bloody good time but we were absolutely shattered by the end of the week! We arrived on Wednesday night and left on Saturday morning and boy, did we do a LOT of walking - my feet were on fire by the end of it all!

Anyway, thought I'd share with you a few pictures from my travels - hope you life!

Day 1: 
First stop was Selfridges - cue Christmas present buying time (for me of course) | Standard Blogger Burger stop - Sarah very kindly gave me some recommendations and I'd heard so much about P&B that I just couldn't resist (and being on a Wednesday mid afternoon there was no wait at all) | A beautiful Chritsmassy Oxford Street - so so pretty! 

 We took flight on the London Eye for the very first time - on a side note, if you're ever visiting London by train, I'd highly recommend picking up the Network Rail 2for1 leaflets that you see at most stations-we got 2for1 on most of the bits we got up to and obviously it made the whole trip much cheaper i.e. more money to spend on all the yummy places I wanted to eat! | Meeting real life Santa - I couldn't get over how good this guy was. Still LOVE this photo! 

Day 2: 
 We spent the morning at the London Transport Museum - it was a little overshadowed by the fact that there was floods happening back at home & my parents were being evacuated so we actually spent most of the morning on our phones checking for updates and following it all on twitter - thankfully, all was ok in the end and they nor us were flooded but it was a pretty scary morning! 
Standard Covent Garden Reindeer shot and of course, we couldn't visit CG without stopping at Shake Shack - yum yum! 

Day 3: 
Breakfast pit stop at The Diner (obviously)-these were THE most delicious pancakes I have ever eaten! We couldn't visit London without stopping at Liberty of course - there was a sign warning of filming for the Channel 4 programme so I may have spent some time searching for the cameras - I will be watching out just in case I managed it! 
And our final visit for the trip was the Natural History Museum - what a place! We spent our time wandering the Dinosours & Mamals and then headed to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition which was just stunning - I would highly recommend (even though the museum is free, there is a charge for the exhibition but there are 2for1 with the national rail offers)!

We spent the rest of the weekend with my Uni friends celebrating Christmas early with lots of Christmas bubbles (far too much for me as Sunday showed) and yummy Christmas Dinner! 

I had such a fantastic weekend and can't wait for our next jaunt down South (I'm already planning our spring visit)! 

What's your favourite thing to do in London - I think the Zoo will be our next adventure! 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday's were made for lazing

I have had such a busy week in work and a couple of busy weekends to come that this weekend has been for lazing and lazing only! I have made full use of having no plans and taken to the couch to lounge around in my OnePiece* and catch up on all things non-essential (i.e. Home & Away, Neighbours & Hart of Dixie)

Now, I just want to take a moment to share the love for my OnePiece! I only have one other onesie which was from Primark and it has served it's purpose but I wouldn't say it's that comfy I race home to get in it - well that all changed when my OnePiece arrived. When I was contacted about working with the brand I was really intrigued to see what they were actually like - I have read so much about them from other bloggers and how comfy they are I really wanted to try one out for myself.

I chose the Marius Onesie in navy/red and well, what can I say...this has to be one of the most comfiest ensembles I have ever had the pleasure of lazing around in! Since receiving this on Monday, it's been the first thing I do when I get home - get in my onesie! The quality of it is amazing - it has a wonderful lining (think of the Primark super cosy tights). When I first looked at OnePiece I was a little unsure after seeing the price of some of them, I wasn't sure if it was something I could recommend thinking that I would never spend that much on a onesie, but I have done a complete 360 - as the other half pointed out, how much would you spend on joggers and a hoodie of this quality??? And for all my lovely readers, OnePiece have offered 20% off using the code: 31APOCKETFULLOFDREAMS and there are onesies to suit all budgets! 

I have one teeny little issue with it - as it's unisex, the crotch (yup, I said that word) sits really low and can be a little annoying when walking around, but in all honesty, I'm not doing much walking in it so it's definitely something I can live it! I got this in a Medium and I'm a size 12-14 for reference!

So other than lazing in my onesie, as today marks the 1st December - The 'Pocket' household is officially in Christmas mode! Every year I nag and nag to go and get our Christmas tree come the 1st but never manage to convince the other half but this year, 100% success and voila, the treat is up and the house smells AMAZING (nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree)!

I only have 2 days in work this week then I'm heading off to London with the other half for a Christmas get-away then we're catching up with my Uni friends for our annual Christmas dinner so I have a lot to look forward to!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I will be doing the @fatmumslim Photo a day challenge this month-you can follow me on instagram if you want to see what I get up to!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

How have you been?

So how are things? Haven't done a catch up in a little while - what have you all been up to? I currently have only 14 days left in work before we break up for Christmas - it is so worth saving enough leave to take off a big chunk at the end of the year an d this year, the extended break will be very welcome I can assure you!

So, what's been going on in the world of Cat...well not much to be honest. I've been a bit of a lazy bum really spending plenty of lazy weekends at home with the other half or spending some lazy afternoons at my parents in front of the fire with the dogs - and I mean literally as once you're settled, all 3 pretty much make themselves at homes on either your lap or next to you on the sofa - cheeky so and so's!

My life lately in pictures...

 Afternoon Tea | A bad day in work | Rainbow walks

Homemade Sharing Platter | First Christmas Costa | Fave Lip products in minis

 Gwdi-hw (owl) nails | New Tea (and new pen pot for work) | Cracking out Christmas Buble

 Picnic Platter | Fudge with a bone | Gigantic Christmas Tree

Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to the next couple of weeks - there's a very busy week in work to get through this week (although, I do have my first Christmas concert this Thursday) but next week the other half and I will be heading off on our Christmas trip to London! I am so excited - I absolutely adore London and when it's all dressed up for Christmas, well I could pee a little with excitement! I think a lot of touristy stuff will be done along with a few typical foodie haunts will be visited - obligatory instagram pics will happen of course!

Oh, a quick update on Fudge - my lovely little fudgeybear! If you're not sure what I'm on about, you can catch up on her here and here. But anyway, things are very positive indeed - she is now out and about going for walks once again and absolutely loving it! She can't go far but at least she can go out with her little babies like she used to. She's still a bit wobbly on her feet and needs plenty of rest, but she is a very happy little girl!

So, not much to catch up on to be honest - I'm a boring little so and so, sorry! I hope you're all doing good and getting excited for a visit from Mr Claus himself so very soon!

Speak soon lovelies...

Saturday, 23 November 2013

A miniature adventure...

This year, the BF and I have decided that we are not going to give many Chritstmas presents to each other, and instead, have a mini adventure and we decided on London!

I'm sure most of you would agree, London is a pretty spectacular place and at Christmas, it is just magical! So, in early December, we are heading off for a couple of days away, just the two of us!

Even though we have a few weeks before we head off, I have already started planning what we'd like to get up to and along with that, what I need to pack.

I thought I'd share with you what I'm planning on packing - there's quite a few miniatures involved in my packing schedule - who doesn't love their favourite products in mini versions?! I am a real collector of mini products - whenever there's a magazine freebie I always buy a good few to keep as backups for times just like this!

Anyway, on to the packing...


Bioderma (mini) | REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk (mini) | Eysilix (for evenings) | Clinique Moisture Surge (mini) | Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (mini) | Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (for mornings) (mini)

Make-up: Base Products

Chanel Aqua Vitalumier Aqua | Rimmel Wake me up Concealer | Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Ladyblush Blushcreme | Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink | Benefit Cha Cha Tint & Benefit High Beam (minis)

Eyes & Lips

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse in Vanilla (mini) | MAC Quad (L-R) Femme Fi; All That Glitters; Cranberry; Satin Taupe | Benefit They're Real (mini)
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 01 Rose Shimmer & 03 Nude (minis)


I love this little travel pouch that came with the Real Techniques Core Collection - it's perfect for traveling with and I love the fact that you can just stand it up too! 

Real Techniques Powder Brush (for bronzer) | RT Buffing Brush (for foundation) | RT Contour Brush (for cream blusher) | RT Pointed Foundation Brush (for concealer) |  | Sigma SS219 for crease | Sigma SS217 for all over lid

The Essentials:

Percy & Reid Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner | Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel | S&G The Daily Smooth body butter | S&G Hand Food | My trustee perfume atomiser (I'm yet to decide on which scent to take away with me) - ALL minis

Anything you think I've missed??

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Today I wanted to share a little bit (well a lot really) of love for the Boots Advantage Card and Boots Treat Street in particular.

If you've ever used a cashback website then you will be familiar with the concept of this type of website if not, I shall try my very best to explain this simply.

So basically, register with treat street and link your advantage card. Sign in and find the shop you want to do your online shopping. Once you've chosen the store, it will take you to the retailers website and you just shop like you normally would - but in the background somewhere, your are building up your advantage cards!

There are so many stores on there including places like New Look, ASOS, Apple, Cath Kidston and so many more.

I have been using treat street for so long now but recently I have built up so many points from buying things I wanted anyway. I have managed to build up quite a few recently after convincing my little bro to let me buy his iPhone 5S and iPad Air via my treat street account - cue lots of lovely treats for me! And with Christmas just around the corner, I'm sure you're all doing a bit of online shopping for others - why not get a little something back for yourself :)

It really is so easy to do - they make it even more simpler by providing a toolbar booster that you can download so that when you go on to a website that is eligible for treat street, you get a little pop-up telling you so (plus you get 100points (£1) for just installing).

Another way of building up points is referring friends - for every friend you refer and they sign up you get 250points (£2.50) and so do they (FYI if you want to sign up and get the points just leave your email below for me and I can make the referral - you don't have to but thought I'd offer)!

Let me know if you use it already or if you I've opened your eyes to a whole new advantage card point building world!?

p.s. This is not a sponsored post or anything, I just really love this site!

Friday, 15 November 2013



As you may have seen, the December issue of Elle comes with a lovely little Benefit lipgloss freebie - fab! Well, it gets better! 

Today's edition of The Metro (Friday 15th November) has a voucher on page 22 (if you can get hold of a copy still) to get the magazine for just £1! The offer is available at WH Smith, Waitrose, Sainsburys, ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco, and all good independent stores. and valid from 15th Nov to 30th Nov.

But don't panic (like I did and feel left out that I couldn't get my mitts on a copy) - there is an online voucher from the online edition that's working just fine too and you can print it off here

Hope you manage to grab a bargain! 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

THE Winter Coat

I love the Autumn/Winter - I love the colder weather and being able to layer up (I'm much more comfortable with lots and lots of clothes on to be completely honest) so the winter coat is important to me - it gets a LOT of use and therefore I need to be 100% sure that it's the one before I hand on over my hard earned cash and this year's was no exception!

I decided that this year I wanted to join the parka trend so off I set on my quest to find THE parka. I must have ordered around 5 or 6 from different places which all ended up going back for not being long enough, warm enough or because they just looked utterly ridiculous on me! And then there was this one!

I very rarely go in to Topshop these day - I'm neither cool enough nor skinny enough to be wearing clothes from there anymore but I saw this as I was walking by and just knew - you know that feeling, the one where you know you just have to have it! So in I went, tried and bought! To be honest, I didn't even look at the price and was a little taken aback when she said £95 (ok, rather a lot) but I was committed and just couldn't leave it behind!


As you can see it's a pretty standard looking khaki parka with a fluffy hood (which is obviously a bit too big for me) and is apparently borg lined - I have no idea what borg is but it's basically wooly lined!

Now that was about 4 weeks ago now and I have only worn the damn thing once in that time - the weather in the UK is bloody ridiculous turning mild meaning that I don't actually need such a big coat. Because of the lining, it means that I just can't go out in it just yet as I'm boiling even before I've left the house - a good sign it's going to keep me toasty when the weather finally does change but too much at the moment.

Have you found your winter coat yet?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Well hello there lovely people who read my blog. Yes, it has been a while since I last posted - I've just been busy to be quite honest and found it difficult to just sit down and think about what I would like to write about!

Anyway, whilst perusing my local Marks & Sparks today, I came across the magazines and spotted a pretty awesome freebie going on with the latest Instyle magazine so I popped one in my basket and thought I'd just let you all know about it. For just £2, you get 3 little miniature products of REN Skincare items - perfect for giving it a whirl don't you think! I have wanted to try the REN skincare ranger for a while now but for some reason or another just haven't.

All in all you get the Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk (10ml), Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream (10ml) and the Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel (3ml). The Evercalm items is from their sensitive range and the eye cream is in the 'normal' range.

The cleansing milk is what I've had my eye on - I prefer a cleansing milk over a balm cleanser so we'll see how this one fairs up (I'm thinking of picking up a few more to keep back for travel companions - if it's any good that is).

Have you tried these before - what would you recommend from the range for someone who has normal to dry skin!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Pondering: How often do you wash your hair?

So today, having a lazy morning/afternoon/early evening (don't judge, it's sunday after all) I got to thinking about hair washing. This was mainly because I'm off out for dinner shortly and was thinking I should really wash my hair as I was struggling to think when I last actually did.

Now this has been a topic of conversation recently within my friends circles and it usually ends with me feeling pretty much like the odd one out so I'm asking, how often do you wash your hair?

My current hair washing products of choice.

I'll be completely honest, I washed my hair today, but I hadn't washed it since Wednesday last week (as in a whole 11days have past since I last washed it). Basically, I don't have greasy hair, at all! I washed it today just because I thought I should, not because I HAD to and I think this is where my friends seem to struggle. If my hair got greasy, then obviously, I wouldn't go 11 days without washing it, but why do it when it looks pretty much the same on the 11th day as it did on day 1 of washing. On average, I would say I probably wash my hair about once a week which I don't think is gross - well I wouldn't, I do it!

I do consider myself very lucky in that I don't have to bother on a daily basis - it would drive me insane, especially with the length it is at the moment!

So please, make me feel somewhat normal and let me know there's others out there can go for quite some time without having to wash your hair and it's not an everyday/every other day task for you!

p.s. I feel like I should just clarify that I do indeed shower everyday, I just don't wash my hair - that is held up in a very fetching shower cap each morning!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Baking up a treat

So, with the return of the Great British Bake Off, all I can think about at the moment is baking! I am by no means a good baker - I'm not good at all to be honest! I try, I try all the time but it just never turns out quite so well - I once managed to make a raw Bara Brith which the bf has not let me live down!

But I am determined and I'm going to give a few things a go and see how we get on - I thought I'd start easy and give Rocky Road a try - couldn't really go wrong thankfully! These were so tasty and went down a treat in the office! I followed this recipe which was pretty straightforward (although I didn't do them gluten free)! For those who are regular bakers, you're probably thinking how easy, but, if you're not used to it, these are an easy start!

 My favourite part of baking with chocolate!

I think chocolate brownies or chocolate cake will be my next treat! What's your favourite thing to bake?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A few of my favourite things...

We all know I don't do monthly favourites - I don't use enough products etc to warrant doing monthly favourites but I thought I'd share with you my current favourites - all the little bits n bobs that I've been loving over the summer!

As random as it may sound but flannels - yes, you read that right, flannels. I don't know whether it's just me, but a whole skincare phenomenon happened recently where everyone has become so obsessed with what products to use. And, it might just be me, and I know she's been around for quite a while and bloody well knows her stuff, but Caroline Hirons seems to have just popped up everywhere and when she says something skincare wise, it's gospel! I admit, I am one of those people who are taking all she says and bloomin well trying it and with that came flannels! Caroline swears by using good old traditional flannels for the cleansing part of a routine so, as the little sheep I am, I followed suit and picked some up. I have just normal ones but I treated myself to these lovely Cath Kidston flannels whilst I was visiting London last month and they look so pretty in my bathroom (the bf wasn't as keen but he's not the one using them)-I have since picked some pretty floral ones up from Primark which were only £1.50 for 2! I really feel like my face is being properly cleaned and getting a good old scrubbing (nothing too harsh of course). If you're not using a flannel in your routine - I would definitely recommend.

I got this in a little gift-set for Christmas and really wasn't that fussed for it at first - I didn't think it did anything colour wise, but since I've got a little colour to me (thank you Mr Sunshine), I absolutely love this stuff! I have used nothing but this all summer! It's very light, so perfect for the weather we've been having, but still has that something to give you the feeling of not being naked on the face! I'm not sure if it's just going to be a summer thing for me, but I'm loving it for now.

My parents recently visited my Nanna out in Canada and one thing I asked for, if they were ever near a Sephora, was a rollerball version of my Marc Jacobs Daisy. Unfortunately they couldn't get it, but picked me up a bottle of the Daisy Eau So Fresh and well, this is just beautiful! I am a sweet, floral kinda scent girl and this just ticks all the boxes for me - it's been perfect this Summer! If you like that sweet scent then I would definitely recommend you go and give this a whiff!

Apologies it's dirty - I've used it this morning with the NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Hot Pink

When I got the core collection way back when, the contour brush was put to one side and forgotten about - I don't do contouring, I'm just not good enough so didn't think I would have a use for it. But, how wrong was I - I have found that this is the perfect partner for all my cream blushers! A few little dabs in the blush and it allows me to apply just perfectly to the apples of my cheeks

Still a bit wobbly but STANDING!

And if we couldn't get any more random that flannels, I'm going to include my doggy Fudge. I mentioned a few posts ago that Fudge wasn't very well and had lost the use of her back legs suddenly with no rhyme nor reason. Well, 6 weeks on, and a couple of hydrotherapy sessions later, she is making incredible progress! This week, she went from scooting around using just her front legs to a full on stand. She can now push herself up and hold it for a short while and walk a little - she's more like a drunken person trying to walk in a straight line, but it's amazing progress! I think the vets are going to be incredibly impressed with our little fudgey-bear, they had warned us not to expect much before Christmas as these kinds of things can take months, but Fudge is most definitely one in a million!

What are your favourites at the moment - the more random the better! 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saving Hope

Last night, the BF and I started watching a new tv series Saving Hope. If you've not heard about it, it's basically the story of 2 Dr's, Dr Reid and Dr Harris who, on their way to their wedding are involved in a car crash. Dr Harris ends up in a coma and the show the follow's Dr Reid and how she's coping with it and her patients - I'd highly recommend! We're only on episode 3 but I can see it's going to become a firm favourite!

Anyway, today's post is all about emotions and my lack of control on mine! My name is Cat and I'm a crier!

By the end of the first episode last night, I was a complete emotional wreck, with my mascara all over my face! This is not unusual for me - I cry most days, whether it be because of something I've read or something I've watched or just because I'm thinking about loved ones that are no longer here. I even cry when watching things like Neighbours for god's sake and don't even get me started on 24 hours in A&E!

I'm my own worst nightmare to be honest, but, whenever there is something sad, I tend to put myself in that situation and wonder how I would be feeling :( For example last night, watching Saving Hope, all I could think about was how I would be feeling if that was my BF in a coma - cue flood gates opening right now just at the thought! I think since I lost my brother and my best friend within a year of each other, although it made me tough, it also made me a very sensitive person.

I hope I'm not the only one - it has now gotten to the point that my friends won't come to the cinema if we know it's going to an emotional one (My Sister's Keeper was the last straw for them I think)! My bf thinks it's pretty ridiculous and I'd like to know I'm not alone - this is normal right?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A lick of new paint

Well it's been more than a lick of paint! You may have noticed already, but if not or if you're new, I've a lovely re-design on the 'old blog!

I loved my old design, but it was time for a change and that's exactly what I got! I've been looking around for quite a while trying to figure out what I wanted from my re-design and whilst doing so, I came across the lovely Amy from PaintPotted!

I wanted my blog to reflect who I am (don't we all) and worked with Amy to create a lovely, pretty and light new design (not that I'm saying I'm lovely, pretty or light). When I say worked with, I rambled on and on about what I would like and Amy came up with the goods - I take no credit for the lovely design!

I would highly recommend Amy and her amazing talents if you're looking for a new design and her prices are just incredible - a whole new design (and she installed) for just £10!

I hope you all like!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I love holidays, who doesn't - a little bit of time to get away from the real world for a little while and forget about everything normal and mundane. I haven't been on that many holidays in my years, mainly because my dreams are much bigger than my bank account will allow but the ones I have been on and the places I have been lucky enough to visit have been pretty damn good!

Once place that's always been on my 'to-visit' list is Italy (especially after reading Eat, Pray, Love and craving the most insane amount of pizza)! Well, the BF and I have decided as a little treat we're going to whisk ourselves off to just there - but where abouts to go? Have you ever been to Italy? Anywhere in particular you'd recommend? We were thinking Florence and after doing some reasearch it bloomin well looks beautiful!

Whilst searching around, we did actually come across a great deal for a 7day cruise - yup, you read that right, a cruise! No, we haven't lost our minds, and we're not old before our time (well maybe we are but that's another matter) but the cruise would take us to Rome, Naples and Florence.

Florence at sunset

Please send me any links, suggestions, advice if you've ever been to Italy and in particular Florence (unless there's another place in Italy you think is a must over there).

I love planning for holidays and will definitely be starting up a little pinterest board for my little jolly. I actually think planning for the holiday is just as good as going on one. I was recently asked to take part in a 'holidays habits poll'* that were doing to find out the habits of the nation when it comes to holidays - from preparation to what we like to get up to whilst away. The results have been quite interesting to read to be honest although I'm not sure I agree with the overwhelming choice of beach holidays - not my ideal of the perfect holidays, I love being up and about doing something/seeing things!

Image source: MoneySupermarket Travel Insurance

If you've got any suggestions or 'must go to/stay at' places in Italy, please share! 

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Last weekend, I took full advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having and had a good old girlie night in. We decided to go for a BBQ, which was the perfect opportunity to take part in the Money Supermarket Charcoal Challenge*. MSM are offering bloggers £50 to show how you'd through the ultimate BBQ by getting the most out of your money!

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as good as it had been, so we did what we could and spent the majority of the evening just inside with the patio doors open so we could still get that BBQ smell!

I spent all day getting the house together and making it all look pretty!

I pinched my ditsy floral bunting from my spare room to decorate the dining room!

Pretty flowers from the garden!

This is actually my first BBQ that I have ever thrown, by myself that is, and being me, spent most of my budget on prettifying the place hehe!

I decided to go sensible and pick up some paper plates - easy cleaning and I absolutely loved these floral prints!

I picked up this produce tray as I thought it would be handy for carrying things around etc and then finally - picked up these very cute little milk bottles - I have wanted them for so long and figured, as we had the BBQ going, I would make one of my favourite milkshakes - toasted marshmallow & nutella - absolute heaven!

Although the weather wasn't great, we still had a lovely evening with lots of scrummy food!

I decided to go for some mini burgers-I always find there's so much food at BBQ's so wanted to keep it to little bits of lots of things! Hot dogs (standard) and the made some BBQ pulled pork and some make-your-own chicken skewers - I know how fussy I am with vegetables etc so decided to leave it to the girls to choose exactly what they'd like! All in all, I think the evening was a great success - we were absolutely stuffed and laughed lots - exactly what I needed!

How would you throw your perfect BBQ? You can join in the Charcoal Challenge too - just throw your BBQ, write your post and email it across to by the 1st August (full details can be found here)!

Hope you've been enjoying the lovely weather - lets hope the weatherman isn't right and we're not heading for some thunderstorms!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Living life lately*

Life has been a bit up and down recently - after the ups of Wimbledon and an all round fantastic weekend with friends, I came home to find my dog was very poorly - over that weekend she had suddenly lost the use of her back legs and was unable to walk :(

I'm not gonna lie, my doggies are quite a large part of my life - even though I don't live with them (as they live at my parents house), I see them pretty much daily and, I gushed enough about them in one of my latest posts but they really do become a huge part of the family!

After many many vets visits, it was decided that Fudge must of had some kind of spinal trauma - don't know how or when or where! I'm not going to lie, there was some pretty horrific days with the poor little thing where she was so unsettled, unhappy and clearly in pain, but with that all sorted for now, it's just a matter of time before we know if this is going to be anything permanent or if she will, with time and rest (vets orders and advice) regain the use of her back legs again.

The signs are positive as she has started wagging her tail once again and is show very slight movement in her legs so fingers and every bloody thing else, all will be well!

So, the last few weeks of mine have been spent lying next to little Fudge comforting her - she hates to be alone and my parents are away in Canada at the moment so it's been pretty tough going!

Luckily the weather has been somewhat lovely (to say the least) so our days have been spent in the garden just chillin (obviously I have ensured she's been under a parasol and has plenty of water)!

The pups have been so wonderful with her and very gentle around her which is lovely to see - I just can't wait for the day when they can be playing again #positivethinking!

Whilst we've had some quality time, I have taken every opportunity to take as many photographs as I can - the poor dogs are sick of my commands. I was contacted a while back about reviewing some phone accessories for Three Mobile. Being a complete sucker for instagram, I opted to go for the Holga Special Lens & Filter Turret* for the iPhone 5. It's a case which just clips on and then you can twist the back to change the filter on the camera. As cheesy as it sounds, I was complete drawn in by the 'heart' filter (as you can tell by the pictures below). I really like this case - I have it in my bag with me and whenever I'm out and about and getting ready to instagram every thing you see/do/eat/drink, I've been whipping this bad boy out!

Well, I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine and that you're weeks have been better than mine! I have a few posts already written up for next week which I hope you'll like and I'll speak soon!