Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Thoughts: Soap & Glory Smoothie Star

Everyone has heard of Soap & Glory - it's an amazing brand with amazing products! I have yet to find a product that I don't like!

Every Christmas I always make sure that the Soap & Glory big gift-set is on my wishlist (we all know the one I'm talking about). In this year's set was a product I hadn't really seen or heard about and OH MY have I been missing out!

May I introduce to you 'Smoothie Star' - a very luxurious deep moisture body milk! Even though I've had this since Christmas, I have only just started using it in the last couple of weeks as I've had quite a fair bit of dry skin on my legs and this has really done wonders.
I have been using this most mornings after my shower and it works fantastic at keeping me moisturised throughout the day and the little goes a long way!

And the smell - OH MY THE SMELL! It is just delicious! Like all Soap & Glory products, it has a delicious smell! It has a concoction of almond, cocoa, yogurt, oat and honey - all delicious ingredients! And I love that it has a pump-it annoys me when moisturisers come in tubs, a pump is so much easier to use!

Have you tried Smoothie Star? What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fancy a cuppa? - What's in your pocket

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at to see if I wanted to take part in an exciting experiment. The idea behind the experiment is to show how good life's little wins can make you feel. recently came up with a feel good experiment in a dry-cleaners, setting up hidden camera's and telling customers that they had left £20 in their pocket - you can see their reactions here.

So the experiment that I took part in was to be given £20 to spend to give myself or someone else that 'feel-good-factor'. To be completely honest, just being asked to take part in the experiment gave me a 'feel-good-factor' - the thought that I was going to be gifted £20 to treat myself definietly put a smile on my face. 

So, I got my thinking hat on - there was the obvious, treat myself to a luxurious beauty product of some sort but I decided to use my £20 to treat myself AND my bestie and take us out for Afternoon Tea - something which definitely puts a big smile on my face! My friend start 2013 on a high getting married but now that's over and all the planning has finished, it's definitely left her a little down so I thought a nice little treat would give her a little pick-me up. 

So this afternoon, we headed off to a local hotel and had afternoon tea with a spectacular view of our lovely welsh countryside!

We had a lovely afternoon and definitely finished afternoon tea with a smile! What would you do if you were gifted £20?

Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 random facts

What, you didn't want to know 25 random this about me? Well if not, look away now, if you're a little intrigued, then keep on reading. I'm a right old nosey parker and quite enjoy reading these types of posts & hopefully you I'll too!

1. I am extremely accident prone but have never broken a bone-I managed to damage my Achilles on holiday in Oz just by jumping off a rock :s

2. I have lived in Wales all my life (except my 3yrs in Uni) and speak fluent Welsh but I don't have an accent people can place.

3. I haven't been to a dentist in at least 9 years-I am petrified of them.

4. When I was 7, my big brother threw a rake at me which landed spikes first in my head-cue driving to hospital with a rake sticking out the window. Safe to say my big bro was in a lot of trouble! Now I just have a number of little scars on the top of my head.

5. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 9yrs-we met before I went to Uni & didn't intend on anything serious (because I was moving to Bristol for 3yrs) but it seems to have worked :)

6. I am cold all of the time-I suffer with reynauds so I'm always looking for ways to stay warm (not great when the bf is ALWAYS hot & complains when the heating goes on).

7. I am such an emotional person-it's safe to say that I cry at least once every day. Most people refuse to come to the cinema with me if we know its going to be sad-My Sisters Keeper was not the wisest choice of film for me to watch at the cinema

8. I have 2 brothers-one older who would've been 30 by now and a little one who is 15 (who isn't so little).

9. I'm the first person in my family to get a degree (which is a 2:1 BA Hons in Law & Marketing).

10. I have a phobia of fish-any kind, real or not-even a picture of Nemo can give me panic attacks.

11. I love driving-I passed my test when I was 17 (with 14 minors) and have been driving all over the country (& a the way to France) since. I drive a little Fiat 500 called Giuseppe!

12. I am hard of hearing and will need a hearing aid in my left ear sooner rather than later.

13. I don't like alcohol much-I've definitely grown out of my drinking years and now find alcohol quite disgusting.

14. I hate clubbing-nothing fills me with dread more than when my friends suggest a night out. I would much prefer to stay in (I'll go to the pub if I'm really made to).

15. I can't stand the smell of cooked mushrooms & the taste is even worse BUT raw and I could eat them all day long!

16. I drink so much tea-a day is not complete without a cup of tea (some may say I drink too much).

17. When I was 3, I was a flower girl at my Uncle's wedding and because I was the only girl in the bridal party with straight hair, I had a perm-unsurprisingly, it was awful!

18. I don't want children-people always tell me I'm still young and WILL change my mind, but I don't see it happening and I'm more than happy with that.

19. I sleep a lot & I find it really easy to fall asleep-I can sleep pretty much anywhere.

20. Only my school friends and dad call me Catherine-when I went to Uni I started introducing myself as Cat so that's what most people call me now.

21. It drives me insane when people call me Cath or wrote Kat-my own Nanna writes Catherine with a C but Kat with a K?????

22. I'm the only person in my family that doesn't wear glasses-I used to in high school but now I have 20/20 vision- go me!

23. I'm a very organised person-it stresses me out that other people I know aren't as organised. Give me a headset & call me Monica!

24. I was a total teachers pet in school-I would constantly talk in classes but never got told off because I was always being a goody-two-shoes in everything else! I still am a teachers pet & will often go in to say hi to my teachers when picking up my little brother from school!

25. I have a serious love affair with New York-I'm not a fan of going on holiday to the same place more than once with the exception of New York-everything about it is just so magical! I will spend NYE there in the near future-I'm determined!

So, there you have it-25 things you probably would've made it through today without knowing, but now you do! Hope you enjoyed.