Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 random facts

What, you didn't want to know 25 random this about me? Well if not, look away now, if you're a little intrigued, then keep on reading. I'm a right old nosey parker and quite enjoy reading these types of posts & hopefully you I'll too!

1. I am extremely accident prone but have never broken a bone-I managed to damage my Achilles on holiday in Oz just by jumping off a rock :s

2. I have lived in Wales all my life (except my 3yrs in Uni) and speak fluent Welsh but I don't have an accent people can place.

3. I haven't been to a dentist in at least 9 years-I am petrified of them.

4. When I was 7, my big brother threw a rake at me which landed spikes first in my head-cue driving to hospital with a rake sticking out the window. Safe to say my big bro was in a lot of trouble! Now I just have a number of little scars on the top of my head.

5. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 9yrs-we met before I went to Uni & didn't intend on anything serious (because I was moving to Bristol for 3yrs) but it seems to have worked :)

6. I am cold all of the time-I suffer with reynauds so I'm always looking for ways to stay warm (not great when the bf is ALWAYS hot & complains when the heating goes on).

7. I am such an emotional person-it's safe to say that I cry at least once every day. Most people refuse to come to the cinema with me if we know its going to be sad-My Sisters Keeper was not the wisest choice of film for me to watch at the cinema

8. I have 2 brothers-one older who would've been 30 by now and a little one who is 15 (who isn't so little).

9. I'm the first person in my family to get a degree (which is a 2:1 BA Hons in Law & Marketing).

10. I have a phobia of fish-any kind, real or not-even a picture of Nemo can give me panic attacks.

11. I love driving-I passed my test when I was 17 (with 14 minors) and have been driving all over the country (& a the way to France) since. I drive a little Fiat 500 called Giuseppe!

12. I am hard of hearing and will need a hearing aid in my left ear sooner rather than later.

13. I don't like alcohol much-I've definitely grown out of my drinking years and now find alcohol quite disgusting.

14. I hate clubbing-nothing fills me with dread more than when my friends suggest a night out. I would much prefer to stay in (I'll go to the pub if I'm really made to).

15. I can't stand the smell of cooked mushrooms & the taste is even worse BUT raw and I could eat them all day long!

16. I drink so much tea-a day is not complete without a cup of tea (some may say I drink too much).

17. When I was 3, I was a flower girl at my Uncle's wedding and because I was the only girl in the bridal party with straight hair, I had a perm-unsurprisingly, it was awful!

18. I don't want children-people always tell me I'm still young and WILL change my mind, but I don't see it happening and I'm more than happy with that.

19. I sleep a lot & I find it really easy to fall asleep-I can sleep pretty much anywhere.

20. Only my school friends and dad call me Catherine-when I went to Uni I started introducing myself as Cat so that's what most people call me now.

21. It drives me insane when people call me Cath or wrote Kat-my own Nanna writes Catherine with a C but Kat with a K?????

22. I'm the only person in my family that doesn't wear glasses-I used to in high school but now I have 20/20 vision- go me!

23. I'm a very organised person-it stresses me out that other people I know aren't as organised. Give me a headset & call me Monica!

24. I was a total teachers pet in school-I would constantly talk in classes but never got told off because I was always being a goody-two-shoes in everything else! I still am a teachers pet & will often go in to say hi to my teachers when picking up my little brother from school!

25. I have a serious love affair with New York-I'm not a fan of going on holiday to the same place more than once with the exception of New York-everything about it is just so magical! I will spend NYE there in the near future-I'm determined!

So, there you have it-25 things you probably would've made it through today without knowing, but now you do! Hope you enjoyed.


  1. I really love these posts! Giuseppe is so cute! (feel like this is the worst comment ever sorry!)

    Hannah xx

    1. Far from the worst comment ever-thanks for having a read :) XX

  2. Ah I am soooo nosy so absolutely love reading these posts! X

  3. I am soo nosy I love these posts- it's nice to get to know people. Hate the dentist too! Haven't been in about 5 years it terrifies me :( I looove alcohol though lol- I will never say no to a glass of wine- although I do hate clubbing. Horrible, noisy places! X

    1. Yeah, it is nice to learn a little bit more about the blogger! Ugh, I honestly don't know how people go for regular check ups-the thought of it just petrifies me :( HAHA you can have all my wine then! XX

  4. So jealous of your fiat 500! Can I just say how much I loved the Friends reference haha. Also, did you enjoy living in Bristol? Looking at going to UWE for Uni in september so keep quizzing everyone I hear has ever lived there, hope you don't mind! xx

    1. Hi Victoria-thanks for your comment! I do love little Guiseppe, perfect little runaround car :)
      Ummm did I enjoy living in Bristol-not really to be honest. I went to UWE too & the Uni is great, don't get me wrong but I didn't like Bristol as a place (but I did have a bf back in North Wales which is a good 4 hours away). But, I am the only person in my friends group that didn't enjoy it-they loved it & one has stayed & bought a house theepre so can't be that bad! It's what you make of it :) sorry I could be much help! X

    2. Thank you for replying, no that is helpful. I agree that it is what you make of it but having your boyfriend four hours away can't have been easy. Thanks again! xx

  5. Great list!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely-it is a cutie (much prefer I to my little mini) xx

  7. Love these posts! Soo jealous of your car- I love the Fiat 500s!! x

  8. I am also so nosy, and love these posts too :) speaking welsh is awesome, and strangely, my sister is also afraid of dentists! It sounds like you've encountered quite a few injuries during your life, and 5 is lovely. My friend also has Reynauds, and it looks so painful! It hasn't helped with all of this cold weather I suppose :( congratulations with 9! I am also so in love with NY, except it's the idea of going for me, I've not been yet, but I will be going! And, spending New Year's Eve there, that's a promise! Hehe, love your blog, so I followed you xx

  9. I'm so accident prone too and your car is amazing, lucky girl! Was great getting to know more about you

    A little bit Unique


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  10. Imagine a person who dreams of having fake degrees one day and the other day he gets a job in FMCG company of his desire. After reading this post I am overwhelmed to see the creativity :)


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