Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fancy a cuppa? - What's in your pocket

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at to see if I wanted to take part in an exciting experiment. The idea behind the experiment is to show how good life's little wins can make you feel. recently came up with a feel good experiment in a dry-cleaners, setting up hidden camera's and telling customers that they had left £20 in their pocket - you can see their reactions here.

So the experiment that I took part in was to be given £20 to spend to give myself or someone else that 'feel-good-factor'. To be completely honest, just being asked to take part in the experiment gave me a 'feel-good-factor' - the thought that I was going to be gifted £20 to treat myself definietly put a smile on my face. 

So, I got my thinking hat on - there was the obvious, treat myself to a luxurious beauty product of some sort but I decided to use my £20 to treat myself AND my bestie and take us out for Afternoon Tea - something which definitely puts a big smile on my face! My friend start 2013 on a high getting married but now that's over and all the planning has finished, it's definitely left her a little down so I thought a nice little treat would give her a little pick-me up. 

So this afternoon, we headed off to a local hotel and had afternoon tea with a spectacular view of our lovely welsh countryside!

We had a lovely afternoon and definitely finished afternoon tea with a smile! What would you do if you were gifted £20?

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