Monday, 1 April 2013

A Primark Spree

I took a couple of trips to Primark this weekend - it was a couple because I was stupid enough to attempt a browse on Saturday, yup, a Saturday on a bank holiday weekend - crazy lady! Obviously I didn't purchase much (far too many people around for my liking) but saw quite a bit I wanted to get my grubby little mitts on so this morning, I did a 'Zoella' and was there for doors opening - best way to Primark shop for sure!

My local Primark (Chester) has recently had a bit of a re-do and it has gone pretty mahoosive with all the womenswear/accessories/bags/shoes etc all on one floor - I just didn't know what to do with myself!

After a good old mooch and a few trips to the changing room, I came home with quite a bit of good stuff and I thought I would share with you - I know I love a good Primark nosey!

Now I wasn't too sure on how best to display the items so I just went for bunching them together in similar items and hoping for the best - if you have any fancy/better way of displaying clothes on a blog post, please do share!

Anyway, on to why you're really here...

T-shirt stuff:
White t-shirt £3.50 | Slogan t-shirts £4 |

Yes, I succumbed to purchasing the 'slogan' tee's that have been everywhere but I really like them so...there! I also picked up just a plain white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves (and a grey one but I'm wearing it and couldn't be bothered to take it off for a photo). Now correct me if I'm wrong but these were in Topshop for something ridiculous - I mean, for something so basic, you can't really go wrong!

Love the bow details on the shoulders
Bow print dress £7 | Summer broidery dress £5

I love dresses in the summer - so easy to just pop one on and you're good to go. Now I know we're not in summer (fully aware of it with all the snow we have around at the moment) but I am heading off for a short break in Spain next week and thought these were perfect for the little trip! I love the broidery dress - I saw these on Daisy's blog and just had to get some! Unfortunately my Primark only had it in Blue but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more colours for the summer.

All £4

I lived in these types of vests last spring/summer and for £4, who could say no!

Ultra soft super skinny £11

I love Primark jeans - I honestly don't own jeans from anywhere else, they fit me well, really good quality (yes, I did just say that about Primark) and for the price, who can argue. Every few months or so, I tend to bulk buy a few pairs of blue and black jeans and get rid of old worn out ones and that time had come around.

Striped peep-toe flats £5 | White basic flip-flops £1 | White rope flip-flops £2.50 | Blush ballet flats £4

I adore these peep-toe flats - they had them in plain blue which I was tempted to pick up too but figured I'd see how these go first. With the rest, standard Primark purchases really, I buy similar items every year (for the price, I tend to then chuck at the end of summer rather than let them clutter my shoe box).

Floral pj bottoms £6 | Blue spotty vest £2 (sale item) | Floral vest £4.50 (moustache print pj bottoms £5)

I think it's a given that when a Primark trip happens, I will come hope with some pj attire - it's just gotta be done! I love anything moustache (I even have one on my car-yup, that's right) and these floral ones are so pretty and bright! I adore the pretty ditsy floral print on the vest-really nice detailing.

Black linen shorts £5 | Gift bags - moustache print £1.50 for 2, candy stripe £1.50 for 3

I picked up these little shorts for just mooching around the poolside when I head to Spain, I figured they were cheap enough to just throw on and it doesn't matter if they get wrecked or whatever at the pool. And the gift bags, who doesn't love a good gift bag-wrapping/presenting presents for me is a bit of a thing so I'm always picking up cute bits and bobs when I see them.

Oh, and a peg basket (it was £1 in a sale box and the colours are so pretty).

Have you had a spree in Primark recently? What were your favourite bits?


  1. I love the butterfly vest and the dresses! My Primark is the most cluttered place ever and I never find anything nice in there. I might try and look around properly next time and see if I can find any of the lovely things you picked up :) xo

    1. You should go first thing-I hate going during the day, mines the same-just like a jumble sale normally but first thing it's pretty tidy (and less people around getting in the way :)


  2. Ooh you did so well! The vests are so pretty- I missed out on them! X

    1. I know-I was quite impressed with what was there. Keep an eye out for the vests-such a bargain at £4 :) XX

  3. the bird vest is gorgeous :)


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