Sunday, 19 May 2013

And what have you been up to?

I quite fancied another little rambly post tonight on what's been going on (just writing that now has 'What's goin on, what's goin on' singing round in my head) so be prepared for a wordy blah blah blah kind of post!

Small disclaimer - anything that I mention in this post that I received as gifts for my birthday, I'm not bragging etc, I am just sharing with you as this is pretty much a liftstyle blog and this is what's been happening with me recently!

Last week I celebrated my day of birth and have continued to celebrate as the week continued (I love birthdays - the one day of the year which is all about you - what's not to love)! My dad works away during the week so on Saturday (11th May) the BF and I headed back to the parents house to indulge in one hell of a chinese takeaway - as it was my birthday we decided to go all out and have ribs, duck, sprint rolls, a number of dishes which we all shared between us and not forgetting a healthy amount (if that's ever possible) of prawn crackers! I could not move come finishing but that's what birthday's are for! As I wouldn't see my Dad on my actually birthday (13th) I was given some of my gifts early!

Then on my actual birthday, the BF and I headed off to Manchester for a spot of shopping and to consume some delicious food - we ended up in a lovely little place called Home Sweet Home which is in the Northern Quarter which I would highly recommend. It was so quaint and the food was just delicious (I had the double cheeseburger and shared their heavenly cheesy chips with the BF). The best part was THE most delicious milkshake-toaster marshmallow and nutella! Absolutely divine and something we have since re-created at home!

Whilst we were in Manchester I did treat myself to a birthday/work bonus present - something which I have wanted for so long and finally got my gruubby little mitts on - the Mulberry Daria Continental purse in Oak! Oh my! It is so so pretty! Now, most of my friends cannot see how I have justified this, and some of you may be thinkjng pretty much the same as them, but I am happy and that's all that matters (I have nothing left to put in my purse but that doesn't matter)!

I have ended my birthday celebrations back at home, hosting my bestest friends for the weekend. My parents kindly moved out for the weekend so I could host 9 of my nearest and dearest friends. We had a fantastic weekend and indulged in some amazing afternoon tea, a scrumpious indian feast prepared my the BF (such an amazing cook), drank a fair amount and laughed all weekend long! I am so grateful that I met such amazing people whilst at uni (the only damn good thing to have come out of it) and that we have managed to stay as close as we were back then - it's pretty good considering we graduated back in 2007!

The rest of my Sunday will be spent collapsed on the sofa until I have to move and go to bed! I have been truly spoilt by my friends and family and I am so grateful for each and everyone of them!

I hope you're all well and if it was your birthday recently a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from A Pocket full of Dreams!


  1. ah im with you on treating yourself to a purse!! I treated myself to the mulberry postman lock purse at christmas..seeing as though its something you use nearly everyday I think its definitely justified :) xx

    1. I'm glad someone else agrees with me! And yes, seeing as you use it everyday means that I'll definitely get my money's worth :) XX

  2. Sounds like such an amazing birthday. I am rather jealous of your purse! x

    1. Thank you - was a lovely birthday, it's not that bad getting old hehe! XX


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